Review ~ Prestige Flowers

Prestige Flowers Review Delivery Service Special Occasions Bouquets

 Review ~ Prestige Flowers

Who doesn’t love to receive flowers?  I know that I do!  They lift my mood, make me smile and brighten my home.  I also like to give them occasionally to say thank you, thinking of you or happy birthday.  Flowers just speak volumes don’t they?
When I arrived home one day, I had a ‘sorry we missed you card’ posted through the letterbox.  And my shoulders dropped a little because I had been expecting a bouquet of fresh flowers to be delivered from Prestige Flowers, and I hadn’t been able to stay in to take collection of them.
Prestige Flowers Review Delivery Service Special Occasions Bouquets
As I read the card, expecting to see that the courier would try again or maybe even to collect them from the local post office the next working day, I gave a little ‘whoop’.  They had been left by our back door.  Sure enough, an exciting looking box was sitting there patiently by my back door… and a bemused cat (our cat I might add!)

What about the packaging?

I was eager to open the package and very impressed with how sturdy the box was.  Getting the bunch out safely was like one of those brain teaser puzzles.  The box fell away with a little gentle pushing and pulling.  I could have done with help but then it’s a balancing act isn’t it?  Well packaged, protected flowers versus easier opening and less sturdy packaging?…
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Given that they were fresh and very delicate flowers, they were very well protected with a triple layer of soft but nicely thick material which was wrapped all the way around the stems pretty much up to the flower head, they were standing upright (which you would expect) and had some sort of material wrapped around the bottom of the stems soaked in water (I presume).  Some sort of contemporary and very clever oasis I think.
There was also a very pretty but simple vase in with the box.

What impressed me the most?

Besides the box of chocolates which were totally delicious, when I put the arrangement in the vase, they were so well presented and packaged that the bunch fell away gently to the sides of the vase, keeping the formation beautifully.  Perfect.  I’m no flower arranger and this little touch really made a difference.  The stems seemed to be very cleverly but carefully, interlaced to prevent the bunch from totally falling apart.  I can imagine this would happen in any vase, but I used the one provided with the flowers.

How long did they last?

The question you want answered when you buy flowers is how long they’re likely to last.  Well, everything about the flowers said ‘quality’.  The flower food was a great idea to help prolong the life of the blooms, as was the handy little ‘Flower Care Guide’ and 2 weeks after taking delivery of them, this is how they’re doing now…  pretty good going I’d say, particularly when you consider that we’ve had some lovely warm/hot weather in that time and our house holds the heat well.
 The bouquets range in price from £19.99 to £60 which is really very good value given the size of the bouquet, the packaging, the freshness of the flowers on delivery and their life-span.
You can see more beautiful bouquets on their website and follow on Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram.


*I was sent this bouquet free of charge to review but all opinions are my own.

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