Review ~ Reed Diffuser by Pairfum London

Review ~ Reed Diffuser By Pairfum London Non-voc

 Review ~ Reed Diffuser by Pairfum London

I’d seen reed diffusers dotted around the shops, online and even at people’s houses but never really knew what they did.  They look sufficiently contemporary, almost ornamental but I wondered just what they did other than look good.  Pairfum London kindly sent me a large bell diffuser with reeds and ‘Innocent Vanilla’ scent.


Review ~ Reed Diffuser By Pairfum London Non-voc


Vanilla rocks!  It’s my favourite scent.  I love the sweet smell and the neutral colour that it’s associated with, which just looks clean.  On opening the bell dome, a gorgeous rush of vanilla scent greeted my nostrils.  And on reading the instructions (who knew diffusers come with instructions?), it says to put more reeds in to increase the intensity of the scent.


Well it’s a good job I did read them, because our cosy little home would probably have been over-powered with more than the 2 that we used.   It was just the right amount for our home because you get a gentle waft when you walk past, you get a lovely scent that’s not overwhelming when you come in from outside and more importantly, it doesn’t smell ‘chemically’ or synthetic.  It just smells ‘pure’.


What about the packaging? 

The packaging is just as crisp in design as the bell dome and reeds.  It’s understated yet makes a statement of ‘contemporary-ness’.  And it’s easily sturdy enough to survive transit.  What’s more, it’s also easy to unpack.


And the price?

The RRP is £37.50 which seems very good value because according to the website, it should last 6-9 months.  At the risk of de-valueing this gorgeous product, that’s a bargain!  You also get a good bunch of reeds to keep you going, though you can buy spares on the website at a very reasonable price.  I would highly recommend this reed diffuser because it looks good, smells good and is non-voc so isn’t harmful to you and your family.  I  will definitely be replacing the fragrance and reeds when they run out.



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*This is a review post but all opinions are my own.


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