Seasonal depression and 5 ways to beat the winter blues

5 Ways To Beat The Winter Blues Sad Seasonal Affective Disorder Depression Anxiety

5 ways to beat the winter blues

Seasonal depression affects 1 in 3 people in the UK alone according to The Independent.  It can affect you in a mild form or completely take over your life.

5 Ways To Beat The Winter Blues Sad Seasonal Affective Disorder Depression Anxiety

As someone who has experienced depression and anxiety in the past, I wanted to share the 5 ways I beat the winter blues:

Get up early.  In order to have some time to myself each day, I pull myself out of bed about 30 minutes before the rest of my family get up and start my daily routine.  Although it’s a struggle, doing this gives me some headspace, a way to get my head into gear for the day ahead.  It makes me feel in control (which is very important for me, for beating that feeling overwhelm that can contribute to depression).  It also stops me wallowing in bed if I wake up early.  The way I see it, I may as well be up and pottering around instead of laying there awake thinking of all of the things I need to do.

Tempting as it is to reach for the nibbles of a night (and day!), I do my very best to eat well.  During the colder months, I eat plenty of bananas and boost my vitamin c with nice juicy satsumas.  I still have crisps (not so much chocolate any more after my hypnosis sessions).    More of the good energy, less of the sluggish energy!

Exercising is something I tend to struggle with but if you can do, boy do you feel the benefit.  Ideally it gets you outside into the fresh air and it gets those endorphins rushing through your sluggish body.

Which brings me on to the importance of getting outside as much as possible.  Yes, get some daylight rays onto your skin, grab a lungful of fresh air, feel that cold blast of air in your face.  I bet that woke you up!

Get in the zone!  During the winter months I do gentle yoga stretches every day, reiki meditations daily and I tend to carry my Sunstone Crystal with me too.  I feel the benefits and don’t feel quite so sluggish, it brings me focus and brightens my day!

So that’s how I help to beat the winter blues.  It seems I’m on the same wavelength as these fellow bloggers:

Time for you

Emma from The Money Whisperer says, “a sad lamp is a great way to get the light your body craves in these dark days. They really do lift your mood and help combat seasonal affective disorder.”


While Sinead Latham adds, “something that helped me reset my mind was treating myself to a Spacemask and escaping for an hour.
They really are quite magical.”  Ooh I’m intrigued and would love to try one!


Time for you and the family

Helen from Natural Beauty with Baby says, “We went to the swimming pool today and pretended to be on holiday! The exercise was a great mood lifter and the warmth was blissful. I’m hoping regular trips will ease the winter blues.”

What a great idea!


Fresh air does the trick

Emma Reed is a firm believer in fresh air and exercise.  She says, “Exercising helps to boost my mood. It gets me out of the house and doing something rather than sitting at home looking out at rain or grey skies. I can suffer if the weather stays bad for a long time so I need activity to up my endorphins.”


And she’s not alone because Kelly-Anne from Mimi Rose and Me says, “For me, it would be getting outside. Wrap up warm, stick some wellies on and explore an adventure.”


Doing something for you helps too

Lynne from New Mummy Blog says, “I’ve never really had the winter blues, but am finding things a bit rubbish at the moment, getting out, fresh air and looking forward to Christmas is helping massively. I bought a sparkly glittery Christmas top yesterday after a rubbish morning and it lifted my mood instantly from the second it entered my trolley in Sainburys.”


Get those endorphins moving!

Renee from Close Enough to Kiss says, “Exercise, it’s a sure way to get rid of the blues. Yoga focuses your mind and running helps you to stomp out frustrations.”  Couldn’t agree more!


Lucy from Oreos and Gin loves those endorphins too:

“Running & Yoga so I guess exercise!”


What about you?  How do you beat the winter blues?  I’d love to hear.  Please do leave a comment below or tweet me @AllSortsHere.

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  1. Thank you for the great tips on beating winter blues! We have a small greenhouse, so when I start feeling grumpy, I spend an afternoon out there. As long as there is sunshine, the greenhouse stays nice and warm and there are always pots to clean and organize! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures


  2. I use a full spectrum light bulb when I live up north during winter. It gives me more energy. SAD (seasonal affective disorder) is one of the reasons I moved to Florida years ago. Lots and lots of sun shine and I’m happier and healthier. #POCOLA

  3. I don’t normally suffer from seasonal blues but this year I have had a definite slump. Getting out in the fresh air helps a lot but it is hard to get the motivation to do it when you are feeling low #pocolo

  4. Good tips Carol, thank you for sharing. 🙂 I have depression and SAD, I definitely feel worse this time of year. I’m more of a summer person and don’t like the short days and long nights, and the cold. I agree with Lynne from New Mummy Blog though, Christmas gives me something to look forward to.

    I also like the tips on getting outsdide. I like to walk in the park once a week year round, but I do struggle more with motivation during the winter. I try to go unless the weather is really bad. I went this week and was glad I did.


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