Share The Joy with Encouragement

Share The Joy With encouragement And The Kindness Calendar

Share The Joy with Encouragement

 Kindness is something that I really try to embed into my every day life.  And also into our 7 year old’s daily life (not forgetting hubby too!).  We’re only human and so some days take more effort, more thinking about.  But I’ve been following The Kindness Calendar from MakeTodayHappy and this week, my act of kindness that stood out was…

‘gently encourage someone’

Our daughter has started to learn the violin and practices daily.  I posted on instagram that it has become a ‘good habit’ (we’ve managed 10 minutes before school twice already… go me/us!)

One day, when she was a little tired, she said the chin rest wasn’t comfy.  And so I said she’d done 5 minutes, that I would write that in her book and she didn’t need to do any more today but if she wanted to, she could.  As I thought, she wanted to get to 10 minutes and persevered…

Share The Joy With encouragement And The Kindness Calendar

Yes, a little, subtle encouragement goes a long, long way!  As does unsubtle encouragement which of course I gave in bucket loads too!

Are you following any sort of ‘kindness’ calendar?  Have you done something to encourage someone this week?  I’d love to hear.  Please do leave a comment below or tweet me @AllSortsHere.


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  1. Carol, I love the fact that you have a Kindness Calendar – what a beautiful idea! Well done to both you and your daughter for all the effort put into learning a new instrument – you are so right, a little encouragement can go a very, very long way!


  2. The kindness calendar is a wonderful idea. I think we could be reminded to do acts of kindness more often. That was a brilliant way to deal with your child’s wanting to stop after 5 minutes. Thank you for sharing your story. #ShareTheJoyLinky

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