Share the Joy with a little time for ‘switching off’

Share the joy with a little time for Switching off self Care Acts of Kindness

Share The Joy with a little time for ‘switching off’

 Kindness is something that I really try to embed into my every day life.  And also into our 8 year old’s daily life (not forgetting hubby too!).  We’re only human and so some days take more effort, more thinking about.

I’ve been following The Kindness Calendar from MakeTodayHappy and I find it works really well to focus on one thing which I then write about in my Share the Joy post, and I link up to the #ShareTheJoyLinky.  Don’t forget to link up your posts with Amanda this week!  This week, my act of kindness that stood out was…

‘Write down 3 self-care actions and plan to do them.’

I do always try to find time for myself but let’s face it, that can be difficult.  Part of my daily routine includes meditation which I do in some form every day.  I also do reiki, yoga and chakra work.  So I do at least 3 things for myself every day.  However, I took this one step further this week by having a power nap when I needed it both days of the weekend!  Hubby was at home and I took myself, got all snuggled up and soaked up that feeling of time to myself and not doing a single thing.  Bliss!

Share the joy with a little time for Switching off self Care Acts of Kindness

What about you?  Have you had time for you lately?  I’d love to hear.  Please do leave a comment below or tweet me @AllSortsHere.


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  1. Carol, I love reading all these little things that you do to be kinder to yourself and that bring you and your family so much extra joy! A nap sounds like the perfect way to look after yourself, when you need it 🙂

    I am really bad at self-care… I just find I rush from one thing to the next and then get frustrated when I need to rest and there’s still so much to do. One day I’ll get there, but I’m definitely a work in progress 😉 #sharethejoylinky

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