Share The Joy with a pat on the back

Share The Joy With A Praise And A Pat on The Back And The Kindness Calendar

Share The Joy with a pat on the back

 Kindness is something that I really try to embed into my every day life.  And also into our 7 year old’s daily life (not forgetting hubby too!).  We’re only human and so some days take more effort, more thinking about.

I’ve been following The Kindness Calendar from MakeTodayHappy and I find it works really well to focus on one thing which I then write about in my Share the Joy post, and I link up to the #ShareTheJoyLinky.  I co-host every Monday and this week is Amanda’s turn to host, so do make sure you pop over to link up your post about what made you happy and brought you joy!

This week, my act of kindness that stood out was…

‘Tell someone’s boss what a great job they’re doing.’

There are times that you could really do with a helping hand to make your day run that little bit smoother.  And there are times when, for whatever reason, someone doesn’t quite step up to the mark.  Yet there are also times when someone steps up to and way above the mark, which makes your day run so much more smoothly.

A colleague stepped up to the mark for me and made such a difference that I emailed their team leader.  It only took me a minute or 2 to show my appreciate and to say that, no matter how many times I speak to them, they’re always more than willing to help out.  Even if it’s not strictly speaking their job.  They make it their job.

My helping hand made such a difference to my day.

Share The Joy With A Praise And A Pat on The Back And The Kindness Calendar

Are you following any sort of ‘kindness’ calendar?  Has someone stepped up to the mark and beyond for you lately?  I’d love to hear.  Please do leave a comment below or tweet me @AllSortsHere.


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  1. Carol, I absolutely love the idea of telling someone’s boss what a great job they have done! You are so right, we so often miss opportunities to thank people and give them a pat on the back for helping us out. I’ve thanked my colleagues in the past, and occasionally mentioned it to their boss, but never made a point of actively doing so (it was usually in passing!) What a lot of joy you must have brought to your co-workers day 🙂 #sharethejoylinky

  2. Love this idea Carol, great customer service doesn’t always come as standard so when someone goes the extra mile it really stands out. I’m sure the employee and manager we’re both lifted by the compliment as we all need praise now and again x

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