The Ship of Hard Knocks ~ poem #WonderfulWorldofWriting

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The Ship of Hard Knocks

As the ship of hard knocks 

goes sailing by,

I wait and wait and wait.

Will it stop and hit this rock

surrounded by seas so high?

With fingers, toes and everything crossed, 

my eyes shut tight, so tight,

as the waves come thrashing, they do toss this ship

and like a fish we will take the bite.

You’re never sure if you’re due good luck

from this ship in this tumultuous life.

You can take control, stick two fingers up

and make the best of hardship and strife.

So, the ship of hard knocks may well stop by,

I will stick those fingers up,

hold my head up high, so high.

For this rock has been dealt 

many, many woes

and it will capsize that ship

fear not, as it slow and bows…and bows…and bows.


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