Showing me who’s the bossy one…

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“Is there any chance you could pick up V up on Tuesday please?”

I was asked by a friend if I could pick up their little one from the childminder with our bear, and take him back to ours for a while.  A family illness meant they wouldn’t be able to collect on time.

Of course, it was no problem.  I mean, it can be hard enough to juggle work/childminding/life in general, without throwing in a curve ball.

Our little bear was uber excited at her friend coming to ‘my house’.  “Is V coming to my house?  Is he coming here? Yeeeaaaahh!!”  Cue an uncontrollable jumping bean…

Jump to Tuesday.  As the afternoon progressed, I was looking forward to picking up 2 jumping beans.  I was slightly nervous, admittedly.  I’ve been to playgroups before and had the odd ‘play date’ but have never actually ‘babysat’ and been responsible for another little one.  How would our little bear react to sharing her toys?  Would she play up?  How would V be after a long day playing? I would find out soon enough!

The time came and, safely inside our house, our little bear took V under her wing.  “This is where you put your shoes…this is where you put your coat and bag.”

I asked if either wanted the toilet.  Both did.  That was an experience in itself.  I’ve never dealt with boys’ bits!  Sleeves rolled up, hands washed and dried, it was back down the wooden hill to play with toys.

I stayed in the open plan lounge/kitchen preparing tea while the 2 jumping beans played.  It was a lovely position to be in: it meant I could keep an eye without intervering; also having been to numerous playgroups, I’ve never observed our bear with a peer without the other parent being on hand.  Given that both were tired and getting hungry, they both coped very well.

Our bear was a little bossy showing V her toys! “Play with this… would you like to play with this one now?… no this one…”

V was very placid and towing the line playing with ‘pink’ toys!

I survived the play date. We all survived.  In fact, we had a thoroughly good time.  I learnt that our little girl is a big boss!

She was full of it at bedtime and when she heard Daddy come home from work at 8.30, she called out to him from her bedroom.  He sat on her bed and heard all about it for 5 minute, before our little bear gave in and went off to fairy dreamland.  At lights out, she told me that V would be having nice dreams too.  Possibly not about fairies though…


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  1. I love playdates around here. I find a few more kids (not too many more, mind) actually make for a more pleasant afternoon for everyone. Glad it went well.

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