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The general consensus from reading blogs and their comments seems to be that we love to make notes on our trusty smartphones when inspiration strikes.
I prefer to use good old-fashioned paper though.  And while I have been known to resort to the ‘notes’ on my phone, I prefer to rummage around in the depths of my bag to find something, anything to scribble notes on…
My phone is ‘smart’ but not an iphone.  I use it to text, make calls but generally not to ‘write’.  As a touch typist, I don’t much like touch phones to be honest.  I much, much prefer to scribble down some notes and then use my qwerty keypad to type them up.
I feel like more of a writer when I scramble around in my bag for a piece of scrappy paper!  Old receipts, supermarket loyalty vouchers, even my diary.  Although I do like to keep this ‘nice’ and scribble free!  I do, of course generally have a notepad with me at all times, but on the odd occasion that I haven’t, then this me.  Paper all the way, for notes at least.
It’s truly amazing just how many teeny, tiny words you can fit on the smallest piece of paper!
How about you, do you find yourself using your ‘electronic devices’ more for notes? I think I may know the answer already 😉
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  1. I do a lot of notes on my phone, but I noticed that some of them just disappeared (I’m blaming my son for messing around with my phone) which is not good. I used to only write notes on paper and loved collecting notebooks. I still carry one around, almost at all times, even with my phone on hand, and I think I’ll start doing this more because there is something about actual paper and pen that is good for ideas… Plus, my son can’t easily erase it 🙂
    Dana recently posted…Fighting the Mid Novel SlumpMy Profile

    • Absolutely, a girl after my own heart – writing on actual paper. You can’t beat it! By the way, I can’t comment on your blog because I can’t get past the security ‘wall’ for some reason. I’m not ignoring you…

  2. For general notes I use my phone but if I’m writing notes on an edit or something then I’ll use paper. I did try using my phone and computer exclusively but it didn’t work out very well. I need that pen and paper, just in case. #WhatImWriting
    Morgan Prince recently posted…Inspiring FriendsMy Profile

  3. I’m addicted to my smartphone in many ways but not for writing on. I agree with you, the feel of keyboard keys is much better than a touch screen. In terms of making notes I prefer paper to a screen but I also – foolishly – try and keep ideas in my head if I have them while I’m out and about. Then I forget things – I should do more bag scrabbling for scraps of paper, it does sound more writerly! Thanks for linking to #WhatImWriting xx
    Maddy@writingbubble recently posted…what I’m writing – week nineteenMy Profile

    • I actually thought you were going to say you write on your hand when you’re out and about and inspiration hits Laura! Which I’m pleased to hear you don’t. That said, I’m sure we’ve all resorted to that at some stage… 🙂

  4. My Smartphone is my saviour. It holds all the information about where I should be, what I should be doing and what I did yesterday. I don’t know how I coped without it. I write notes on it, and have been known to wrte entire novels on it. I’m on it now, in fact (with one of my new toys.). I still like pen and paper but rarely get the chance to sit down with it now.
    Chrissie (@rantybeast) recently posted…What I’m writing – Eating custard creams 18   Recently updated !My Profile

  5. I think we had this discussion 😉 I have to say that if something comes to me when I am driving – and I can’t stop – I get Grace to open up the recording section for me and I record the words. Saves on paper and pen then! I do love writing them down as well and always have some paper and a pen next to my side of the bed. Thank you for linking to #PoCoLo x
    Verily Victoria Vocalises recently posted…Silent Sunday and My Sunday Photo 1st February 2015My Profile

    • Looks like I’ve met myself coming back Vicky!… I’ve never thought about using my phone as a dictaphone and although I’d still prefer paper, I think I’d prefer this option to making notes on my phone!

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