Step into the cafe ~ poem

It’s time this poem was shown the light of day again… inspired by a cafe menu made by our little girl, then about 3/4 (now 6 !)

step into the cafe poem creation parenting

Step into the cafe


Step into the café,

And pull up a pew.

There’s something for me,

There’s something for you.


It’s all listed here,

From left to right.

Just choose what you fancy,

If you’d like a quick bite.


Our daughter asked me to spell

The words that you see,

Then wrote them herself

Easy as A, B, C…


Now here’s the tricky part,

Nothing rhymes with orange, instead

We’ll choose a staple,

How about bread!


There’s apple, sweetcorn,

Carrot, cucumber, grapes.

Not forgetting the milk

For those delicious shakes.


Thanks for popping by

Our little girl’s café,

Leave a tip and next time

You’ll be offered a latte!…


And here it is in its full glory! (without overlays!)

step into the cafe poem creation parenting


Has your little one done something similar lately?  Have you got fond memories of your child doing something like this?  I’d love to know!  Please comment below or tweet me @AllSortsHere


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  1. Playing cafes is one my of daughters favourite games, she always writes a menu and sets it all out meticulously! I wish she could do lattes!!#prose4thought

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