‘T’ is for Testimonials #AtoZChallenge

Hello and welcome to my take on the #AtoZChallenge.  You can find out why I’m taking part in ‘From Alpha to Zulu and everything in between…’


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‘T’ is for Testimonials for #AtoZChallenge

 How nice is it to receive great feedback, a pat on the back, a big ‘thank you’, recognition for something?

Well, for me, it’s this nice…

Here are some of the testimonials that have been made on:

My blog…

“Overall, interesting blog so far and nice layout.”
~ Dawn Embers (fictionandfitness.blogspot.co.uk)

“…your blog looks so very different to others and will look forward to investigating it further…”
~ Kate Davis-Holmes (Kateonthinice.com)

On my Spotlight on FeaturedAuthor…

“Thanks ever so much for the review. It’s very fair.”
~ John Adams (dadbloguk.com)

“Thank you so much, Carol, for the wonderful spotlight and review. I was so happy to see it up on your blog today.”
~ Silvia Villalobos (silviatomasvillalobos.wordpress.com)

On my ebook ‘Diary of a Complicated Pregnancy’…

“I am also a survivor of HELLP syndrome and I highly recommended this book! Shocking how many people have not heard of hellp, this woman truly is an inspiration, plus half the proceeds go to charity!”
~ Cassie Jones (reader)


Have you had any testimonials that really stick in your mind?

What were they about?  Let’s share the ‘feel-good’ness!


 This post is for ‘T’ in the #AtoZChallenge.


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