Review ~ choconchoc handmade chocolates

Choconchoc Arm Candy Handmade Belgian Chocolate

Review ~ choconchoc handmade chocolates

 First of all, how cute is this bag?
Choconchoc Arm Candy Handmade Belgian Chocolate
Second of all, yes, I did devour it all. by. myself.  (And what of it?!)
Of all the chocolate, Belgian has possibly got the best reputation.  And as a lover of all things chocolate, I can tell you that quality is definitely best.
Predictably in this handbag, the chocolate was as it should be: velvety and totally more-ish.  The detail on the bag was amazing and I was very impressed that all the products are handmade.  Now that is amazing!

A little story…

I love the little story of choconchoc: that it was started by a father and daughter in Somerset and that their first product of noughts and crosses is still stocked and is now called ‘Love and Kisses’.
I love the idea of turning a chocolate bar into a handbag.  It’s cute, it’s quirkey and it’s the perfect gift idea!  The patented layering of chocolate is an absolute chocolate dream too… allll that chocolate!
As for the chocolate handbag, it’s about the size of your average ‘larger’ bar.  You know, the ones perhaps meant for sharing but which you totally don’t share?!  I wasn’t sure about the colour of the chocolate and thought it might make it taste a little cheap and ‘stale’ but I was pleasantly surprised that there was no after taste and that it did, indeed, taste just like a good chocolate should.

The packaging

It was really well packaged, protected in a good wad of big bubble wrap and the chocolate bag itself was held in place securely by a transparent box which slotted nicely around the ‘bag’ and its cardboard surround.  A sweet little touch was the ribbon ‘handle’ of the box.  It’s the little touches that go a long way, isn’t it?
I’d order from choconchoc because quality always wins!

Worth the money?

The RRP of this handbag is £12 and given the work that must go into it, the quality of the chocolate and the concept of the whole product, that’s about right for a gift in my opinion.

If I could change anything…

 It would be my willpower!

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What would you choose from their website?

*I was sent the chocolate handbag ‘Arm Candy’ to review free of charge but all opinions are my own.

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