My candles bargain (and chocolate!)

I have an addiction.

The atmosphere they give, the trance-like state they can put you in, the aroma some can give.

Candles are my weakness (and chocolate). Oh and candle-holders (but not chocolate candle-holders…)

Throw flowers into the mix too and I’m happily yours!

Mainly of the tea light variety.

However, in the main I find that they can be over-priced.  Which is why whenever I see candles  on offer (especially pretty ones or vanilla scented ones), I grab a stash.

candle addiction bargain stash tea light holder relaxing scented soft lighting wellbeing

So, finding myself with time for ‘me’, I went to our local garden centre cafe, armed with a book, chocolate(!) shortbread and a nice cup of herbal tea.  After I sank myself into the nice, comfy seat and had my fill of reading, I meandered back towards the exit.  En route, I stumbled upon a couple of stands declaring ‘half price’.

A rummage revealed boxes of pretty tealight holders.  There were 16 of them going for 99p.  I love the little inscription on some of them:

Smile.  It’s the same in any language.

As if I needed any more persuasion, I grabbed the box and off I went with a big smile on my face (after paying obviously!)

When our little girl saw them, she read the ‘smile’ inscription and said, “is it really the same in any language?”  To an extent of course it is,  but I love her literal take on a profound quote.

The candle holders are now dotted randomly around our home, so our home is full of smiles 🙂


Do you like candles and other things pretty?  Have you landed yourself a candle bargain?  I’d love to hear about it in the comments below 🙂 

*This post contains affiliate links which means that if you happen to purchase something from the link you click, I get to have a little happiness too, at no extra cost to you! 🙂 


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