A Letter from Buckingham Palace … yes really!

Once upon a time a little girl (our little girl!) received a letter from Buckingham Palace.  And here’s why…

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Once upon a time there was a little girl in her first year at school.  She loved going to school and learning about all sorts of things…

One day, in her school book bag, her mummy came across a picture of London which the little girl had coloured in.  Her class had been asked to colour in pictures of The Queen and London because they were learning about the monarchy and the Queen’s birthday.

When her mummy said what a beautiful picture it was and how neatly she had coloured it in, the little girl told her mummy that she would like to send it to The Queen for her birthday.

And so, together with her mummy and daddy, the little girl wrote a short note to The Queen to say “Happy Birthday Ma’am!”

Soon after the little girl had posted the birthday card to Her Majesty, she visited London with her mummy and daddy and it happened to be the same day that the new Royal baby, Princess Charlotte was born!

While in London, the little girl visited Buckingham Palace (barely an hour before the announcement of the royal birth was officially made on the easel!).  She also visited Big Ben, Horse Guard’s Parade, Trafalgar Square and Covent Garden.

The little girl sent a postcard to her teacher telling her that she had visited London.  The postcard had a photo of The Queen on the front.

A few weeks passed and life carried on as normal.  Then, one day the little girl received some rather special post through her letterbox.  The envelope was postmarked ‘Buckingham Palace’ with the Royal Crest.  The little girl opened the letter and the opening line read:

Dear ‘Little Girl’,
The Queen wishes me to write and thank you for your message which you sent on the occasion of Her Majesty’s eighty-ninth birthday.
The remaining contents advised that The Queen had been interested to learn that her class had been learning about the Royal Family, and some lovely, glossy, informative leaflets about the monarchy were enclosed.  The letter was signed by The Queen’s Lady-in-Waiting.
Needless to say, a copy or two several copies  were taken of the original letter ‘just in case’ and a copy was taken into school the next day.  The original will most definitely be framed to keep it safe while on display 🙂
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A Poem Fit For a Princess… but which one?

a day fit for a princess charlotte elizabeth diana london sightseeing buckingham palace royal baby  blog poem

The first stop’s the Palace with its regal gates,

No sign of the baby as the world awaits,

The Victoria Memorial, the flag at full mast,

Billions have trodden here, present and past.


To St James’ Park next, to have an ice lolly,

The sun it out, no need for a brolly!

We walk the short walk to Parliament Square,

Just up the road, what will we see there?


With the majestic clock-face, the flag poles galore,

Big Ben rises from the sky to the floor…

Big Ben chimes, the resonance pure and clear,

The perfect time to find ourselves here!


Time for a pit-stop, a nice cup of tea,

A browse on the phone, yippee for 3G!

Congrats are in order for Wills and for Kate,

A new Princess has been born, super, smashing, great!


Our own princess is excited at the wonderful news,

The paparazzi are too and the TV crews,

It’s a day fit for a Princess in more ways than one,

We’ve made memories a-plenty, a day filled with fun 🙂

By Carol Cameleon



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