Bags2School ~ raising funds by recycling


A little while ago, I found this in our little girl’s school bag.

Bags 2 School bag donate recycle clothes charity fundraising pass it on

We always try to get involved in anything happening at her school and this was no exception.

In case you can’t read the bag (!), the concept is this:

A bag is filled up with clothing, weighed and the school gets money, depending on the weight of the clothes inside.

What a simple but great way of raising funds for school and recycling clothes too!

Admittedly, we hadn’t got a great deal to give away, due to the recent house move and subsequent ruthless clear-out.  But, like any other little girl, our daughter is growing into a big girl and soon we had something in it.  When we’ve had our clear-outs in the past, it’s often been a bit of a chore to physically take the donation to a charity shop in between the daily madness routine.  But this?  We just took it along with us on the school run.  Easy!

Our little girl always gets sentimental about giving her own things away.  So much that, to be honest, it’s easier to do it on the sly!  With this bag though, she wanted to get involved!  Okay, so she wanted to give my things away instead of hers, but we still managed to negotiate a few of her things… saying it was for her school helped too.

Have you ever heard of anything similar or got involved anything like this?   I’d love to hear in the comments below.  Or tweet me @AllSortsHere



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