An injection of colour ~ poem #WonderfulWorldofWriting

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I don’t do much colour, it’s fair to say,

Tend to be ‘black’ from day to day,

But these words from a friend, a virtual soul,

Have nudged me to colour, a real-life goal!


A revamp is needed, a taste of the new,

Mustn’t mind what the world thinks, it’s not about ‘you’,

Cos of course, if I’m happy, it’ll show in me,

In my smile, in my mood, in my ‘tone’ you see.


The tone of my voice, the shade of my smile,

I don’t tend to wear lippy, it’s been quite a while…

In the tone of my mood, the tone of my thoughts,

The colour you wear can affect all sorts.


So let’s get to it, let’s re-align myself,

Colour therapy’s great for good mental health,

A splash here and there, perhaps make-up too,

Yes it’s time for a change but for me, not for you…


By Carol Cameleon 2015 ~ inspired by a fellow blogger, Vicky Welton in her poem about colour. 

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