Pull up a colouring chair!

What is one of our daughter’s favourite things to do?
Well, one look at her desk will give you a big clue.  Because there are several recycled containers full of pencil crayons, felt tips
and wax crayons.
She ran out of pencil cases and recycled food punnets were there to save the day.
Her desk is her upcycled cot and so there’s lots of room for her colouring paraphernalia.  Give our girl a colouring book or print out her favourite character of the moment to colour in and she’s happy!
 I find it fascinating that children love to colour – given it’s therapeutic benefits of relaxation and de-stressing.
Children don’t have the distractions of the endless jobs to do round the house and practical things to do that we have, do they?  And until recently, it was much more acceptable for a child to colour than an adult.  Expected even.
When our daughter started to run out of the recycled food punnets and pencil cases, she got creative and turned her desk chair into something of a pencil case!
She got paper plates, stuck them to the chair and used the slot in the back of the chair to turn it into something of a pen holder!  Then she got sellotape, wrapped it around the four legs and hung highlighters off there!  You certainly can’t knock her being resourceful or thinking outside the box!
Now, if we need a pen and can’t find one, we know where to look!
Next time your child runs out of pencil cases, pull up a chair!…


Has your child ever come up with something querky but practical like this?  I’d love to hear!  Please comment below or tweet me @AllSortsHere


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