5 ways to ground yourself and control anxiety

Do you or someone you know experience anxiety?  Then you need 

5 ways to ground yourself and control anxiety…

5 ways full to ground yourself and control anxiety virtually all sorts wellbeing

Look at happy pictures.  My ‘Smile, give your face a work-out’ pinterest board never fails to, well make me smile!  There are quite a few cute cat ones on there but the rest are just random ones that I’m sure will make you laugh from the belly.  You’re welcome 🙂


Surround yourself with positive people.  And if you’re limited to social contact for whatever reason (due to sleeping children at night-time or isolation perhaps due to illness), then you can join in with forums or even pinterest boards.  My ‘Just Wow’ board may literally take your breath away.  When I’m pinning away, I’m saying ‘wow’ and bam, it ends up on my board.  The beauty will at least help you forget your anxiety for a while.


Read positive things ~ blogs, books, and inspirational quotes.


Breathe ‘properly’ ~ meditate, practice yoga, use crystals.


Use a grounding rock ~ Mine is called my ‘gratitude rock’ and it works really well for me.  It’s whichever crystal I have on my person on any given day.  By physically touching it, I’m reminded of why it’s there, which helps to ground me.  I always make sure I’m using the right one for me on any given day.


Have you got any other ways to ground yourself?  All positive thoughts are welcome!  Share them in the comments below or tweet me @AllSortsHere 🙂


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Crystals for healing layouts … relax with #TheZenZing

As I delve deeper into my Crystal Healing Practitioner’s Course, I become more intrigued with crystal layouts (or grids, as they are also known).
To that end, I have scoured my The Essential Crystal Handbook to learn more about the benefits of each crystal featured, noted which ones I feel will benefit me and decided which crystals I need, along with the quantities, in order to use the healing layouts effectively.
#TheZenZing Zen Zing crystals crystal healing layout grids relax energy positivity realign rebalance
I already own a small collection of crystals which I use on a daily basis.  My next step is to expand my collection to enable me to use the following crystal layouts:
  • To encourage new ideas ~ place fluorite below the sacral chakra and on the throat chakra
  • To aid inventive solutions to problems ~ hold meteorite (not strictly a ‘layout’ but a healing use of a crystal nonetheless!)
  • To be uplifted ~ place: Citrine at the root chakra and solar plexus; aventurine at heart chakra; blue lace agate at throat chakra; danburite at brow (third eye chakra)
  • For detoxing ~ place calcopyrite at the brow for new ideas; place calcopyrite at solar plexus to increase enjoyment of life
  • To help stop recurring worries ~ place kyanite at the brow and on each wrist pulse (or next to hands); smoky quartz at the feet
  • To encourage restfulness ~ sleep with blue lace agate near to your bed
  • To aid peace and contentment ~ place a blue stone at your throat chakra; larimar at heart chakra and 2 clear quartz either side (with points facing out); citrine at solar plexus; smoky quartz between legs
  • To help achieve your goals ~ place epidote at the centre of your forehead and in each hand
  • To release negativity ~ place 7 tumbled labradorite… around your body to include around your head, by each foot, each side of your body; fluorite at the base of your throat
I’m very much looking forward to using the above layouts with some reiki and I hope to report back in #TheZenZing post in a couple of months (if not before!) 🙂
Do you use crystals?  Have you used crystal grids/layouts?
Which ones have you found to benefit yourself?
I’d love to hear from you by way of comment (below) or tweet me @AllSortsHere
And do use the #TheZenZing hashtag.
If you’re a blogger, why not join in with my Zen Zing linky by adding a blog post relating to finding your zen?

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Win £10 to spend at Faery Flair ~ #TheZenZing giveway!

#TheZenZing giveaway competition crystal healing jewellery Chrissy Faery Flair

Hello and welcome to an amazing, sparkly giveaway!  Yes, lovely readers you can win £10 to spend at Faery Flair 🙂  How exciting is that?!

So, what’s Faery Flair?  Well, it’s where Chrissy Faery sells her handmade gemstone jewellery.  And as a Certified Crystal Healer, Chrissy knows a thing or 2 about crystals ~ she’s just guest posted on #TheZenZing about using crystals in meditation!  On her website she says:

All of my jewellery is inspired by nature and created to bring balance to the mind, body and soul.



You don’t need to have a knowledge of crystals and the benefits of using them to appreciate the beautiful jewellery that Chrissy crafts.  And a visit to her website makes plain-sailing for the novice crystal user because a hover over each picture reveals the healing property of the crystals used to make the appropriate piece, and therefore opens up the wonderful world of crystals to everyone.  Ingenious!

Go and say hello! 🙂

Now, onto how you can win that £10 voucher!  Just enter by using the rafflecopter underneath the picture of the bracelets (below).  The giveaway is open to UK entrants only and ends at 12am on 9th June 2015. Sending lots of positive thoughts and good luck to you 😉

#TheZenZing giveaway competition crystal healing jewellery Chrissy Faery Flair 2

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