How to enhance your home with a wall mural

Enhance home Wall Mural Interiors

How to enhance your home with a wall mural

In 6 months or so we’re going to redecorate and we’re going for a feature wall.  So we’re going to have 3 walls in the same colour and one wall in another colour to complement (or contrast – we haven’t decided yet) with the other walls.

I did this in a previous house, before I met hubby and before our daughter came along.  By doing simply doing this, I created depth, tone and warmth (despite using a blue tone. Yes, really!).


Enhance home Wall Mural Interiors


Now that I’ve seen the range of wall murals from WallSauce…  I think our feature wall could contain a slice of the Big Apple!  Just imagine chilling out with a view of the Manhattan skyline at morning, noon or night.  Or having a famous bridge span adorning an area of your home!  Wow!  My personal favourite is the New York Cityscape at sunset mural.  Those lovely tones would look amazing when the late afternoon sun comes streaming through my windows in summer, and winter too.


A slice of the Big Apple!

Fancy a slice of the Big Apple with a wall mural in your home?  Fancy away! Get them here.


A simple change can really enhance your home.

While you’re looking, consider how a simple change can really enhance your home.  The beauty of a wall mural of course, is that you don’t have to go the whole hog on the whole room.  And if you choose a colourful design, you can opt for accessories such as lamps and cushions to pick out the colours in your chosen design.  It’s an easy, peasy way to update an area of your home.  Your haven.

Which is your favourite design?


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