How to make a surprisingly non-scratchy itchy Easter bonnet

So although you can’t see it very well, our little bear is in fact modelling her Easter bonnet.

And here’s how to make said Easter bonnet:

  • Take one head-sized piece of cardboard from your stash of packaging (you knew you kept that piece of cardboard for a reason!)
  • Take said piece of cardboard and make a ‘pizza’ cut mark where the head will go
  • Cut the pizza cut and fold back the same pizza cut.  By now you should have a clever little space for your little one to put their head
  • Pop cardboard headpiece on your little one’s head, ignore the fact that it won’t sit right and mumble to them that it will look okay once it’s decorated
  • Next, delve into your little one’s craft things for – pipe cleaners (whiskers), googly eyes, pom poms (or cotton wool may be your saviour here. Hurrah for cotton wool!), stickers, card/paper
  • Draw a template for your little one to cut round for the bunny’s eyes
  • Do it yourself while your little one shows no interest whatsoever and instead asks for a snack over and over and over…
  • Until you give in and give them a snack while you realise that the hat will NOT sit right on their head
  • Tell your other half that if they’re good, they can have a snack too, while you make a mad-dash to the shop to get suitably cheap, itchy, scratchy hat to pop the cardboard headpiece onto to keep it stable
  • Go to the shop while realising that actually, your little one hasn’t done anything to ‘craft’ the Easter bonnet yet and this could be considered as cheating
  • Realise that this is actually ticking lots of Early Years Foundation Stage boxes.  Pat yourself on the back and get yourself a creme egg.  Make that 3 for £1 to share have all to yourself
  • Make your way home with surprisingly non-scratchy itchy, soft ‘straw’ hat, while scoffing 2 of the creme eggs.  Well, you deserve it
  • Get home to find that your other half has helped your little one to decorate the cardboard head piece with stickers and all manner of non-Eastery things
  • See the little yellow chick stuck to the other side of the cardboard head piece
  • Pop the surprisingly non-scratchy itchy, soft ‘straw’ hat on your little one’s head with the cardboard head piece on top
  • Stand back to admire the handiwork
  • Go all gooey at the sight of your little one sporting their Easter bonnet.  Oh wait, that’s the other creme egg which has now melted…
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