Review of ChoconChoc melt and make chocolate egg heads

Review of ChoconChoc melt and make

chocolate egg heads

For a chocoholic, this is the ultimate heaven isn’t it?  Layers of chocolate all melted together to make a chocolate egg!  Yum!

We tried out a pack that came with full instructions, a mould, a cute little chef’s hat. decorations and, importantly the belgian chocolate drops.

Review of ChoconChoc melt and make chocolate egg heads

I could have eaten these quite easily on their own but ‘luckily’ our 8 yo daughter was there to keep me on the straight and narrow…

So we started off melting the chocolate and because it was good quality, it was a smooth operation.  We then followed the instructions and added a layer to the moulds.

When I read the instructions, I thought it sounded a bit complicated, long-winded and far too techy for a chocoholic mum and her eager 8 yo.  Layering, leaving to cool, layering again and again…  I was a bit sceptical at how our egg would turn out.

At the risk of sounding like a cliche, I was pleasantly surprised.  I mean, we’re not going to be chocolatiers anytime soon but the layers actually worked!  We had made our own chocolate egg.  Very impressive… er so impressive that we broke a bit off to try and ended up devouring the whole lot before my camera had a look-in!  Now that’s a testimonial to the taste of the chocolate.  I don’t ‘do’ cheap, tacky chocolate.  Life’s too short and I’d rather have good quality stuff that melts in your mouth and leaves you licking the inside of your mouth deliciously.

On that basis alone, I’d highly recommend the chocolate egg kit as a fun activity.  It goes great with a decaf.  Oh and wine too!  It’s often the case that with kits containing sweets or foodie things, that you don’t quite get enough, or ‘just’ enough to do the job properly.  In this case, we got generous helpings and even had enough to stick with tradition and lick the bowl.  I say ‘we’ but you know that never happens when you’ve got an 8 yo in tow!

At £12 a kit, this is really good value and I’d highly recommend doing this.

You can visit ChoconChoc’s website and follow them on facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest and you tube .

What about you?  Have you tried making your own chocolate eggs?  Comment below or tweet me @AllSortsHere.


*I was gifted this item for the purposes of this review but all views are my own.

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Easter Craft ~ How to make an easter egg box

Easter Craft ~ How To Make A Decorate Easter Egg Box

Easter Craft ~ how to make an Easter egg box

We love crafts in our house and Easter always brings out our creativity!

So when our 7 year old’s school ran a competition for the best decorated Easter egg, you can imagine the making and creating that went on…

…and here’s how she made it.  (I say ‘she’ because apart from boiling the eggs, she pretty much did it all by herself!)

Easter Craft ~ How To Make A Decorate Easter Egg Box

You will need:

A standard empty box

Hard-boiled eggs (it depends how many you’d like to decorate!)

Glue ~ pritt-stick type glue is better than gloopy glue because of handling the egg while decorating it… unless you want to look like a decorated easter egg yourself!

Felt-tips and/or paint ~ depending on whether you like really messy or not!

Paper for drawing pictures to cut out and stick on the eggs

Crafty things ~ anything crafty that you’ve got knocking around


Get a standard egg box

Easter Craft ~ How To Make A Decorate Easter Egg Box Step 1

Then get the glue

Easter Craft ~ How To make A Decorated Easter Egg Box Step 2

And some green ‘grass’ for paper

Easter Craft ~ How To Make A Decorated Easter Egg Box Step 3

Stick the ‘grass’ anywhere on the outside of the box (the corners work well)

Easter Craft ~ How To Make A Decorated Easter Egg Box Step 5

Pour some glue inside the egg box and stick some yellow ‘nest’ paper inside

Easter Craft ~ How To Make A Decorated Easter Egg Box Result

And there’s your Easter egg box!  (our daughter won a prize for hers!)


What do you like to make for Easter crafts?  I’d love to know!  Tell me by commenting below and then tweet me @AllSortsHere.

Thanks 🙂  


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How to make a surprisingly non-scratchy itchy Easter bonnet

So although you can’t see it very well, our little bear is in fact modelling her Easter bonnet.

And here’s how to make said Easter bonnet:

  • Take one head-sized piece of cardboard from your stash of packaging (you knew you kept that piece of cardboard for a reason!)
  • Take said piece of cardboard and make a ‘pizza’ cut mark where the head will go
  • Cut the pizza cut and fold back the same pizza cut.  By now you should have a clever little space for your little one to put their head
  • Pop cardboard headpiece on your little one’s head, ignore the fact that it won’t sit right and mumble to them that it will look okay once it’s decorated
  • Next, delve into your little one’s craft things for – pipe cleaners (whiskers), googly eyes, pom poms (or cotton wool may be your saviour here. Hurrah for cotton wool!), stickers, card/paper
  • Draw a template for your little one to cut round for the bunny’s eyes
  • Do it yourself while your little one shows no interest whatsoever and instead asks for a snack over and over and over…
  • Until you give in and give them a snack while you realise that the hat will NOT sit right on their head
  • Tell your other half that if they’re good, they can have a snack too, while you make a mad-dash to the shop to get suitably cheap, itchy, scratchy hat to pop the cardboard headpiece onto to keep it stable
  • Go to the shop while realising that actually, your little one hasn’t done anything to ‘craft’ the Easter bonnet yet and this could be considered as cheating
  • Realise that this is actually ticking lots of Early Years Foundation Stage boxes.  Pat yourself on the back and get yourself a creme egg.  Make that 3 for £1 to share have all to yourself
  • Make your way home with surprisingly non-scratchy itchy, soft ‘straw’ hat, while scoffing 2 of the creme eggs.  Well, you deserve it
  • Get home to find that your other half has helped your little one to decorate the cardboard head piece with stickers and all manner of non-Eastery things
  • See the little yellow chick stuck to the other side of the cardboard head piece
  • Pop the surprisingly non-scratchy itchy, soft ‘straw’ hat on your little one’s head with the cardboard head piece on top
  • Stand back to admire the handiwork
  • Go all gooey at the sight of your little one sporting their Easter bonnet.  Oh wait, that’s the other creme egg which has now melted…
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