‘A’ is for All Sorts of Blogs #AtoZChallenge

Hello and welcome to my take on the #AtoZChallenge.  You can find out why I’m taking part in ‘From Alpha to Zulu and everything in between…’

Last year I made virtual friends with other lovely bloggers and flexed my creative brain.

This year I hope to do the same.  Truth be told, although my 26 posts are written, I’m not entirely sure that they won’t be re-written.  But for now, my AtoZ challenge will be based around the theme of writing, reading and the blogosphere with maybe a bit of parenting thrown in too!


Let’s start with…

#AtoZChallenge blog writing #AllSortsofBlogs all sorts of blogs a to z april challenge

A is for All in the #AtoZChallenge

Each week I share my favourite blog reads of the previous week.  You might call it my weekly round-up of AllSortsofBlog.

Here are just a few of my personal favourites of my chosen posts to date:

First, a lovely little poem from Victoria Welton ‘A Journey So Long’.

 “Are we nearly there yet?!…”


A list from Natalie at Our Parallel Connection to help our non-blogging friends understand what blogging’s all about.  When I started out blogging it didn’t take me long to ‘get it’. And now that I have, I’m addicted!


A lovely analogy of meditation using a ‘butterfly mind’ from Michelle at Bod for tea.


Next, Antonia Chitty at 38to39 wrote for a review of a must-read for anyone suffering with depression, whether personally or someone they know…


And as a previous habitual worrier, these 6 ways to deal with worry are great tips from Heels and Hooves.  I especially like the  one about writing it down.  Seeing as this blog focusses on positivity, this really hit the spot.


And speaking of being ‘spot-on’ here’s a poem from Tor at Teacuptoria about Women Drivers.  If you’re a woman, you may be able to relate.  If you’re a man, you might learn something…


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This post is for ‘A’ in the #AtoZChallenge.

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The Bonfire Night Party Alibi

prompt blog smoke bonfire night party alibi
The haze of bonfire night smoke lingered long after the final sparkler had died out and gone cold on the ground.  The smell of the smoke lingered longer.  Anyone wanting an alibi that night could comfortably say they had been to the bonfire party. All they had to do was show their face and claim they had been there all night.  No one would be any the wiser amid the crowd of faces milling about.
Or would they?
The murderer was something of a rookie.  They had wanted a quick death; the less blood and gore the better.  Even better if there were no blood-curdling screams.  Although the fireworks would drown that out, they would have to time it well.  In light of that, a ‘clean’ method had been chosen.   The glass of mulled wine that had been laced with poison had been thoroughly enj

oyed by the clueless victim.  And it hadn’t taken long to work either.  Our murderer hadn’t reckoned on it being sofast-working.

Now all that remained was for the murderer to dispose of the victim on the burning bonfire.  The embers would be glowing long into the night and the following day.
But would the smoke screen last that long?


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Under the layers of joy …

Do you know Joy? Under the layers... blog
Do you know Joy ?
I’ve known Joy.  I used to avoid Joy because Joy made me feel on edge.  I could never make sense of Joy.  I could never get under the layers of Joy .  I never used to know what to say when I was amidst Joy.
Joy never made me happy or euphoric, as you would expect.  Joy used to fill me with dread.
That’s why I always avoided Joy.  Maybe if I had known Joy, I would have known what made Joy.  But Joy never used to invite me in.  The invisible  barriers were always up when Joy was around.  Joy was always wallowing in misery.  The joy I’m referring to is a person and do you know what really puzzles me about Joy?  Do you know the one thing that I can’t understand?  Ironically, ‘Joy’ wasn’t even Joy’s first name.  Maybe it was her middle name that she chose to use instead of her first name.  Whatever, never could a person’s name be more polar opposite to defining their personality…!
So, as I’m writing this, I consider that there is often irony in ‘joy’.  When we see something labelled with ‘joy’ (like I did with Joy), perhaps we should consider what is going on deep down, underneath the layers…
Perhaps Joy had her own issues which made her far from a bundle of joy.  I will never know…because I never delved under the layers of Joy.
Have you ever met anyone like JOY?


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Without books, where would we be?


books blog poem

Simply ‘books’

Books come in all shapes and sizes,

Different genres and many guises;

In paperback they can be found,

And in hardback, perfectly bound.


Or how about the ebook era

In black and white on a ‘reader’?

Some don’t like them, some folk do;

I’m quite partial and have written a few…


However you prefer to read,

Books spread knowledge, help us succeed;

Help us relax, de-stress the mind,

Help us escape and unwind.


Reading is the perfect pastime,

From true romance to a gritty crime;

Without books where would we be?

Let’s grab a book and cup of tea!

By Carol Cameleon


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