Review ~ Dr Dunner PhytoVitality supplements

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Review ~ Dr Dunner PhytoVitality supplements

I’ve been using Dr Dunner PhytoVitality most days for a few weeks now.  Admittedly, I don’t always remember to take a capsule and so from that alone it’s hard to say whether they make any difference or not.  I’ve also had a couple of curries in that time, both containing turmuric so there hasn’t been much of a ‘control’ element to this review.

What is PhytoVitality?

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Lean Greens review and giveaway

Welcome to my Lean Greens review and giveaway!

(with discount code too!)

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As a busy working Mum with a 6 year old, a husband, 2 cats, a house and a blog to keep ticking over, my well-being is of paramount importance.

After all, if I’m feeling under the weather, I feel sluggish and  lack energy and that’s not a good thing to throw into the mix!

Despite all the energy products on the market, I endeavour to stay natural when it comes to my food and drink… we are what eat, everyone knows that.

Although I regularly practice yoga, do reiki self-treatments, meditate and steer clear of coffee, I was intrigued about ‘Lean Greens’ food supplements.

Their website states:

When being healthy just doesn’t fit with your crazy, busy life, Leans Greens gives you access to better health without the hassle.

And so… Interested to see how my energy levels would be affected, I took up the opportunity to review this plant-based powder-to-shake drink.

Dubious about the taste and texture, I was pleasantly surprised and the little gadget inside stopped the powder clumping, giving it a smooth texture.

2 Lean Greens giveaway wellbeing well-being nature natural shake drink healthy food supplement 2The verdict? A daily ‘shake’ of this for 2 weeks and yes, I do feel different.

I’m less bloated and therefore less sluggish and therefore my energy levels ave been affected.. definitely for the better.

I don’t have ‘troughs’ and instead I maintain a more steady balance in my energy levels.

A big improvement for me is that I don’t get nearly so many sugar cravings, which is definitely a result because I’m partial to the odd sugary snack…

It’s great to know that my body has reacted positively to this drink and it feels like I’ve got back to nature and am in harmony again.

And that’s a great feeling 🙂

You can find Lean Greens on Twitter and Facebook and also take a lot at their website. 

Go and say hello! 🙂

You can also benefit because the lovely team at Lean Greens have a discount code ~ just click the link and quote ALLSORTS10.

 And they’re giving away a branded shaker and a tub of Lean Greens powder just for you!  Entering is easy – just use the rafflecopter (below).  The giveaway is open to UK entrants only and ends at 12am on 20th May 2016. Good luck to you 😉

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