“It’s time” ~ poem

How are you doing with your resolutions and goals?

Were they set at the beginning of the year?

Or did you say to yourself…

its time poem goals plans opportunity chance white space

I said that to myself and I started my gratitude journal in December one year instead of 1st of January!  It helps me to focus on my happiness each week.

It’s such a great tool for focussing on gratitude that I thought “why wait?”

I saw little point in waiting because…

When you wait you do nothing,

you make time stand still.

You don’t tick or tock,

you procrastinate at will.

When time stands still,

the world still moves on…

Life goes on around you

it waits for no one.

If you wait for a chance

you’re a fool to be sure;

you should try all the locks

to open the door!

For when you wait, you do nothing,

chances are you’ll lose out;

don’t wait, you can do it,

of that there’s no doubt…

By Carol Cameleon 2017


Do you procrastinate or are you a ‘the time is now’ person?  I’d love to know!  Please comment below or tweet me @AllSortsHere


Back to the drawing board ~ when your plans go off course

Our daughter was busy at her desk, pencil in hand with an old diary open.  And that moment in time brought to mind the phrase ‘back to the drawing board’.  Which inspired the following poem.  It made me consider whether our daughter’s life is already mapped out and what influence she/we could have on it…
 Back to the drawing board
When you’ve got a plan that goes off course,
Can you feel that pull?  It’s life’s energy force;
It’s pulling you here but you want to go there,
Do you dig in your heels like a stubborn mare?
Do you accept your ‘fate’, if that’s what it’s called,
Or do you refuse to ever be stalled?
You’ve got your dreams, you’ve worked hard night and day,
You’ll reach your end goals, whatever they say…
You push yourself forward, you push more and more,
You hear the ‘knock’ at opportunity’s door,
You open it wide with a crash and a clout,
“Who’s there?” goes the next line, “it’s me, so watch out!”
Cos that’s what you need to succeed, be your best,
To rise up and up, to be there with the rest;
You need grit, discipline, you need a game plan,
A timeline and goals – to shout out “I can!”
“I can and I will,” said again and again,
So you never give up, it’s not ‘if’ but ‘when’…
‘When’ you’ve got support at your east and your west,
Motivation and focus to strive, be your best.
When you’ve got ambition at your south and your north,
You find your path to follow, to conquer, go forth.
When the signposts move, the path changes for you,
The lights will synch up. Wait.  There’s your cue.
The red, the amber, the green, go, go, go!
Ease off the brake, indicate, don’t go slow.
When you’ve got a plan that goes off course,
There’s a reason for that; it’s life’s energy force.
It’s pulling you there but you want to go here,
Do your thing, be yourself and get into gear!
By Carol Cameleon 2016

Have you ever had a plan that’s gone off course only for things to turn out better in the end?  I’d love to hear about it!  Please comment below or tweet me @AllSortsHere


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3 Ways to Breath New Life into your Writing

Writing ~ How I Breathed New Life Into My Writing By Chatting To A Like-minded Friend, Brainstorming And Setting Goals And Plans

3 Ways to Breathe New Life into your Writing

Of late, not a great deal of ‘hardcore’ writing has taken place at Virtually All Sorts.  I’ve chilled out for a couple of weeks and in that time, an amazing thing happened…

Writing ~ How I Breathed New Life Into My Writing By Chatting To A Like-minded Friend, Brainstorming And Setting Goals And Plans

Well a few amazing things happened really but these are what kicked it all off:

I hooked up with a friend one night.  

She had asked for a chat about the best way to approach getting her book(s) published, knowing that I’ve published a few ebooks myself.  She’s in a similar position to mine with Fizzle & Wizzle (my children’s book series) and boy, did I need that chat.  Perhaps a bit naively I thought it would be plain-sailing with F&W.  I really believe in my children’s series and that’s why I was convinced it would be funded and in print by now… but never, ever give up!

Renewed vigour

Anyhow, our chat gave me a renewed vigour to give it all a kick back into touch.  Not only that, but while kicking F&W back into touch, I came up with yet another idea for a book and started brainstorming that too!  A completely different genre.  It’s so true that when you step away for however long, you then come up with lots of ideas and your ideas just keep flowing!… 🙂

Making plans

So, after this lovely chat, we got our heads together for our respective projects, made firm plans and then my friend popped her shades on, declaring that the future was so bright and I toddled off, my writing box precariously balance between my elbow and my hip while I coaxed it into my car boot.  It could have ended in tears, but thankfully it didn’t…

So although not much hardcore writing did take place over the summer, quite a bit of brainstorming and revisiting did!

So have you worked out the 3 things you can do today to breathe new life into your writing?

Get together with a like-minded friend, brainstorm, make a plan.

Has this happened to you – have you taken a step back from something and found a new approach when you least expected it – writing or otherwise?
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