The great thing about gratitude

I recently read a book that really resonated with me.  During the Christmas break, I had decided that I would take some time out for me and my family.  I decided that I would re-read a book that would help me to focus on what I wanted to achieve, and this in turn brought into question what I actually did want to achieve.


At the risk of sounding like a total cliché (there’s no getting away from it – we have a good and proper old-fashioned cliché here!), I realised that I wanted to focus on what I already have, to remain focussed on what I already have and on the more naff days that everyone has, focus on what I’ve got to be grateful for in order to bring that vibration of gratitude right back to where I want it to be.

One of the best ways to do this, as recommended in the book 30 Law of Attraction Practical Exercises, is to write a Gratitude Journal every day.

Considering I re-read this book in December, I decided there and then to start applying this theory and didn’t want until new year to get stuck in.

Since the day that I first read the book, I’ve written in my gratitude journal most days. And I can honestly testify that it works.  If I’ve had a bit of a naff day, racking my brains for something to be grateful for does make me see the lighter, brighter, happier, even simpler side of life.  Heck, I even find myself making mental notes of ‘I can pop that in my gratitude journal later!’.

So yes, my gratitude journal is working for me, lifts my mood when needed and has become a good habit, which I’m very grateful for… And who doesn’t want some feel-good vibes?…

I often post an insta-story of what I’m grateful for each day too and have found that a lot of people watch my stories, perhaps inspiring them to do the same.

What about you?  What do you do regularly to lift your mood and focus on being grateful?  I’d love to hear in the comments below 🙂 

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50 Happy Things 2018: Bloggers Unite to Flood the Internet With Gratitude

50 Happy Things 2018- Bloggers Unite to Flood the Internet With Gratitude wellbeing pin

50 Happy Things 2018: Bloggers Unite to Flood the Internet With Gratitude

As you know, I do love anything connected with gratitude and when a post from Tales from the Motherland popped into my emails, the first words I read were ‘happy’ ‘bloggers’ ‘gratitude’.  Funny the words your eyes pick out first.

It was a no-brainer for me to take part.  After all, I already list my happy things in my gratitude journal and love the idea of listing 50 things that I’m grateful for in 15 minutes (you can see the instructions below my list).

50 Happy Things 2018- Bloggers Unite to Flood the Internet With Gratitude wellbeing pin

Without further ado, here are 50 things that I’m very happy and grateful for: Continue reading

Letter to the NHS ~ poem #WonderfulWorldofWriting

Letter to NHS National Health Service thanks gratitude poem WonderfulWorldofWriting blog writing linky party - Copy

‘Letter to the NHS’

Some people slate you and that’s their view

But me, I’ve got nothing but praise for you.

Your compassion, your patience, your hard graft with no breaks,

You feel pressure from everywhere, a special person that takes.


The National Health Service is made up of lots of them,

The passionate people making up the stem.

They’re what keeps the flower from falling down,

From going limp and wilting with a smile, not a frown.


The NHS has helped my family so very much,

They saved my life with a golden touch,

Our little girl’s too.  We wouldn’t be here

Without the care they give year on year.


Nurses, doctors, all the other staff too,

A big pat on the back for all that you do.

I’m the first to defend you when someone has a ‘go’,

This poem’s for you – thought you’d like to know.


By Carol Cameleon 2015

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Prose for Thought

Look what we’ve got ~ poem #WonderfulWorldofWriting

WonderfulWorldofWriting poem Look what we've got writing blog gratitude

Look what we’ve got…


We’re all entitled to our wallowing time

Our “what if” moments, waiting for a sign.

But when we’re done, all our tears subsided,

It’s time to be positive and open-minded.


Then we should focus, be grateful… for what?

That we’re here, in the ‘now’; look what we’ve got…

Each other, united, come together as one,

There’s a long way to go but for now we have won.

By Carol Cameleon

Valentines Day ~ a poem #WonderfulWorldofWriting

Valentines Day Valentine's poem #WonderfulWorldofWriting #writing blog linky

Valentines Day

As I bring to the fore all the reasons to smile,

I see the good life, no reason to wallow,

Well, why would I wallow, why would I moan?

Reasons to be grateful, I’m not alone,

I don’t need a reason like Valentine’s Day

To feel the love around me each day,

Am I lucky?  Maybe. But some say you create

Your own happiness, and when you find your soul mate,

You just know deep in your heart,

Deep in your soul,

As long as they’re with me,

I know I’ll be ‘whole’.


By Carol Cameleon


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