The benefits to children of learning music ~ #IfShesHappyImHappy

The Benefits of Children Learning Music

The benefits to children of learning music

When I was a child, I learnt the guitar and violin.  And I remember that I enjoyed them both.  Nowadays, my guitar sometimes gets an ‘airing’.  I’d like for it be more often but at least it’s not collecting dust.

Since our 8 year old took up the violin, I’ve been tempted to learn again – with her.  It’s so nice to see her with the violin – she suits it very well and has taken to it very well too.  Quite apart from the fact that she enjoys playing, it’s good to know the benefits of learning music too, particularly for our children.


The Benefits of Children Learning Music

From an early age, our daughter has been stimulated; she’s creative and is thriving at school.  But hubby and I were keen to get her on to learning an instrument.  The first time she took the bow to the strings, I stopped in my tracks and it took my breath away.  Yes, I’m her Mum and biased by default but she really does suit it: her composure when she holds it, her control of the bow, how she gets right into ‘the zone’.  And what a lovely zone to get into.

When we find a second hand violin at the right price, I see no reason not to join her on her musical journey.

We’ve got a violin, a guitar and a piano in our home.  Out of al of these, my personal preference is the violin and it seems that’s our daughter’s too.  That’s fine by me because…


Does your child play an instrument?  Please tell us in the comments below or tweet me @AllSortsHere



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Why we let our young daughter use makeup ~ #IfShesHappyImHappy

How To Make A Father's Day Card With A Difference Create Make Do

Why we let our young daughter use makeup

As our daughter grows up (and up and up!), I’m most definitely realising that her baby days are long gone, and her toddler days too.  But I often find it really hard to let go and her her find her way, let her independence grow and let her discover the world around her in her way.

But it’s vital for their development isn’t it?

One area that we give her absolute free-rein is make-up.  She loves to experiment and I adore to see her ‘apply it’, seeing the end result of invariably blue or pink eyeshadow smudged all around her eyelids.  It’s an adorable part of a little girl being no-so-little and growing her make-believe fairy wings out.  Though it makes me sad and even pine for my beautiful newborn, I can equally see my beautiful, wonderful daughter blossoming and growing, expressing herself and becoming her.  To me, that’s just as important as remembering her baby and toddler days.

Why We Let Our Young Daughter Use Makeup With Printable

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‘Making room for her nearly 8 year old things’ ~ poem

Making room full for her nearly 8 year old things poem poetry parenting growing up virtually all sorts

‘Making Room for her nearly 8 year old Things’


We often tell our daughter that she needs to de-clutter,

“To make room for more tat!”, I say with a mutter;

Her room needs a sort out with a fine tooth-comb,

For the old toys that now need a new home…


Instead of tidying, she’s often found playing,

Unearthing old toys that it seems are now staying,

“It’s a pre-school book, you no longer need,

It’s been in a box, chapter books you now read!”


Okay, she tells me, she’ll sort that box out,

So I leave her to playing, not sorting, no doubt;

But a little while later she presents a small pile,

Of nick-nacks that I’ve not seen for a while…


“I don’t need these now, they’re too young for me!

I’ve had them since I was around about three.”

‘Tis true and my heart, well it does a small flip,

Cos I know she’s growing up in a hop and skip!


Peppa Pig, Disney Princesses are all relegated

To the ‘not wanted’ stack, I feel somewhat deflated…

But you know what?  It’s all good and exciting,

The next step of our journey that it seems we’re alighting…


With makeup, with fashions, with disco lights,

With pop music, with dancing and slightly later nights,

All signs our little girl is little no more,

As she practices dance moves on the living floor.


We see her character growing and growing,

Moulding to where the wind takes her, it’s blowing!

Leaving her old toys, all stacked up in the wings

Making room for her nearly 8 year old things…


By Carol Cameleon 2017

How do you cope when your child decides they’re suddenly too old for the toys that, actually remind you of their earlier days? Does your heart skip a beat of excitement or is it bittersweet?  I’d love to know!  Please comment below or tweet me @AllSortsHere




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