5 reasons to relish a routine

5 Reasons to Relish Routine

5 reasons to relish a routine

Routines.  We all need them and while it’s great to take a break and have a holiday, there’s no doubt that I’m more productive in all different areas of my life with a routine.  Because…


As much as they’re the bane of my life, pack-ups mean that I have to be organised with food shops again.  No more popping by the shop for something that we fancy, something that we hadn’t planned for.  No, with a packed lunch and food plan for the week, the food shopping incorporates all things lunch box.


It’s the same with the dog and exercise.  During holidays, we get up, let her out into the garden to do her business and there she stays (in good weather) while we chill out, kick back and eventually get our bums into gear to get dressed and take her for a walk.  In fact, it’s clear to see that our dog needs routine too because she has no clue what’s coming next.  She becomes unsettled.  While we all get exercise from daily dog walks, it’s not as structured which means that meal-times are also out of synch, blog work is out of synch.  You get the idea.

5 Reasons to Relish Routine

A big area that gets neglected when I’m on holiday is my gratitude journal.  Any other time, I write every night and if I don’t or it gets delayed, something just doesn’t feel right.  No biggie you might think but my journal is important to me for reasons that I outline in this post.  Not writing the simplest things in there that I’m grateful for means that I don’t reflect on them.  Which defeats the object.  Important person things get put on the back-burner when I’m out of routine.


Jobs around the house…  it’s bittersweet this one because while it’s wonderful utter bliss not to be like a well-oiled machine going from the washing to meal prep to homework in the blink of an eye, small jobs get left for ‘later’ or ‘another day’ and clutter starts to gather…


… which is not good for my mental health.  Clutter and jobs gradually pile up (literally up) and creep up on me until they simply can’t be left any longer.  It’s clear to see why routine is better for my mental health.  An organised day with routine = an organised and healthier mind.


In the main I love to get back to routine.  It’s painful at first but my brain feels better for it!


How about you?  Do you relish routine or hanker for holidays?  I’d love to know!  Tell me in the comments or tweet me @AllSortsHere .  Thanks.

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Simple ways to improve your health today

 Simple ways to improve your health today wellbeing main

Simple ways to improve your health today

It doesn’t matter how old you are, where you live, or what your occupation is, your health should always be a top priority.  But most of us are a bit guilty of letting our wellbeing slide from time-to-time.  That being said, read on for some of the simple ways you can give your health a boost today:

Simple Ways To Improve Your Health Today Wellbeing

Say goodbye to at least one item in your life that contains toxic chemicals

You may be shocked by just how many things in your life contain toxic chemicals.  They includes everything from air fresheners to bed sheets.  Get rid of one of these things and replace it with something natural instead.  This is something you should make a habit of doing every few months or so.

Deep breathe for at least five minutes

Throughout the day, you should make sure you take the chance to deep breathe for at least five minutes.  Why?  Well, there have been numerous studies which have shown that deep breathing can help to lower stress hormone levels.  This means that you’ll feel better, get a better night’s sleep, and you’ll be less anxious too.

Drink more water

You probably expected this to be on the list, but the importance of drinking more water should never be ignored.  Your body needs water for almost everything you do.  If you’re dehydrated, this could be the cause of headaches, aches and pains, and a number of other symptoms.

Have one veggie night per week

A lot of people eat far too much meat, red meat especially.  So, why not have a veggie night once a week? Not only is this good for your health, but it will be good for your bank balance too.

Sign up to an online pharmacy

These days, you can easily order your prescriptions and medications over the internet through an online pharmacy.  This can help you to boost your health because it ensures you never have delays with your medication.  If you’re someone who often doesn’t take their recommended course of tablets because you can’t get to the doctors in time for a repeat prescription, then this is definitely a good suggestion for you.  Because your medication will be delivered to your door with the click of a button.

Do something nice for someone every day

You’ll be surprised how good this makes you feel, and how much of a positive impact this has on your health. It’s all about mental wellbeing.

Incorporate some movement into your commute

If you haven’t got an active job, this is especially important.  Sitting at a computer all day can be bad for your health.  One way to combat this is by incorporating some movement into your commute.  If you can walk or bike to work, you should give this a go.  If not, start parking your car further away from your place of work so that you have to walk there and back.  You should also start using the stairs instead of the lift whenever you can.

Start meal planning

You’ll find it much easier to eat healthily if you plan your meals.  At the start of every week, make a plan of what you’re going to cook for tea every night, as well as what you’re going to make for your lunches every day.  Not only will this help you to eat better, but you’ll save money too.  Make sure you include some healthy snacks in your work food.  This will stop you from going to the vending machine whenever you’re bored or you have an energy slump.

Keep a journal

Last but not least, keeping a journal is good for your mental health.  You should write down your thoughts.  It doesn’t need to be a long entry; all it takes is every evening writing down a few happy points from your day.  This will help you to articulate your thoughts so that they don’t wear you down.  After all, it can be hard to sleep if you’ve got lots on your mind.

So there you are: some of the best ways to give your health a boost.  The suggestions that have been provided are really simple and easy, so there’s no excuse not to give yourself a bit of TLC.

What do you do for self-care?  I’d love to know!  Comment below or tweet me @AllSortsHere .



*This is a collaborative post

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Rethinking diet and health in the modern day

Rethinking Diet And Health In The Modern Day Wellbeing

Rethinking diet and health in the modern day

So what is healthy?  Well, if you were asked that question you would likely say: to eat appropriately, to exercise and to get check-ups at your local GP.  And you’d be right!  Taking the appropriate steps to live this way is a little more tricky, but completely and totally worth it.

It’s also worth knowing the benefit of developing a keen sense of awareness on new information about health.  Discoveries are being made all the time, and new habits and fitness trends are less of a ‘flavour of the week!’ and more compounding in their evidence.  The prevalence of online information is perfect for this sort of enquiry, as the possibility of researching more and more into the science behind certain ‘fad diets’ allows for a deeper and more wholesome understanding of the marketing behind it.

There have been many health discoveries in the last 10 years.  If you work and have the usual responsibilities that come with life, it can be difficult to try and keep up with them all.  How do you know which will work better and what’s realistic to include in your diet?


Rethinking Diet And Health In The Modern Day Wellbeing
Picture source: Pexels

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Best Blogs to Read in #AllSortsofBlogs 69

Welcome to AllSortsofBlogs

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AllSortsofBlogs Best AllSortsofBlogs best blogs to read blog linky party blog hop grab badge

This is where I share #AllSortsofBlogs in my pick of the best blogs to read from recent weeks.  Feel free to add any or all of your favourite posts to the linky.  I’ll share all posts across my various social media ~ twitter, pinterest, g+.

The door’s always open with a new linky starting on the last Friday of the month…

And if you’d like to add my badge, it’s at the bottom of this post.  Thanks.


Now on to my best reads of recent months (as ever, it’s a varied and interesting list!):

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How I turned a complicated pregnancy into a positive campaign

How I Turned A Complicated Pregnancy Into A Positive Campaign HELLP Syndrome Pre-eclampsia

How I turned a complicated pregnancy into a positive campaign

First up, let’s get something out of the way, and then let’s get onto the positive.  When I see pregnancy announcements or perfect birth stories, I often make a conscious decision not to read.  If it’s a blog post linked up in the same linky, I may have a skim read and then I often ‘just’ share the post.

It’s because I struggle to read ‘perfect’ pregnancy and perfect birth stories.  The reason being that I had a Complicated Pregnancy
which involved a low placenta and resulted in pre-eclampsia, an emergency c-section and HELLP syndrome (which saw me in intensive care for a week).

I realise that people go through far more than that in pregnancy and I’ll always be grateful for having a healthy daughter.

Everything’s relative

I understand that people can’t wait to share their news and they have every right to (just like I have every right to choose not to read something that is likely to upset and frustrate me.).

What I really struggle to understand is why women choose to have a home birth.  There, I’ve said it.

Things can go wrong very quickly during labour.  Why risk not having the top consultants and surgeons literally scrubbed up in a theatre for you and your baby?

I’m getting a little ranty, I know.

And that’s not really my style.

Yet it seems that I’m harbouring frustration towards home births.  Some may say it’s  jealousy.  Well, I say not – I never wanted a home birth.  Just a healthy baby.  And I was happy to have a section, more than happy to be ‘scheduled in’!

In an age where you have the best medical staff and equipment that a developed country can offer, why be so naive to think that everything will carry on hunky dory?

The serene dream

Yes, it’s lovely to have that serene dream of a home birth, of course it is.

but let’s get real here.

This is pregnancy.

Things can and do go very wrong.  A sad fact.

Although a *little* ranty, this post actually serves to illustrate that I’m grateful for being healthy, for being here with my little family, for having a healthy daughter… when things could have been so very different.  And undoubtedly would have been if I’d been insistent on having a home birth or at least sticking to any other birth plan.

How I Turned A Complicated Pregnancy Into A Positive Campaign HELLP Syndrome Pre-eclampsia

When things had settled into newborn life, I started to post a few updates on facebook about how we were both very lucky to be here.  And one night, a good friend said, “wow, you should turn this into a book.”

So I did.  An ebook to be precise.  An ebook that I published to ‘hellp’ raise awareness of HELLP syndrome.  Because it’s more common than you think, yet the healthcare professionals often don’t treat it with the urgency that it needs or just plain don’t recognise it for what it is in the first place.  Then I decided that as well my letter to the NHS, another way to giving something back when I got so much care, would be to give half of the proceeds to the charity Action on Pre-eclampsia (APEC).

And that’s what this post is for


It’s not for a rant so much as to tell you how I turned my complicated pregnancy into a positive campaign.  (I didn’t mean to rant quite so much by the way, but it did feel good…)

If I’ve caused anyone an offence on their past, present or future birth plan that may include a home birth, that wasn’t my intention.  This is my little corner of the internet and I wanted to show how I turned a trauma into a positive project.

Thanks for reading and I’ve hope I’ve raised some awareness.

Have you turned an unpleasant experience into something positive?  (pregnancy-related or otherwise.)  I’d love to hear from you!  Comment below or tweet me @AllSortsHere

*This post contains affiliate links.


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5 ways to ground yourself and control anxiety

Do you or someone you know experience anxiety?  Then you need 

5 ways to ground yourself and control anxiety…

5 ways full to ground yourself and control anxiety virtually all sorts wellbeing

Look at happy pictures.  My ‘Smile, give your face a work-out’ pinterest board never fails to, well make me smile!  There are quite a few cute cat ones on there but the rest are just random ones that I’m sure will make you laugh from the belly.  You’re welcome 🙂


Surround yourself with positive people.  And if you’re limited to social contact for whatever reason (due to sleeping children at night-time or isolation perhaps due to illness), then you can join in with forums or even pinterest boards.  My ‘Just Wow’ board may literally take your breath away.  When I’m pinning away, I’m saying ‘wow’ and bam, it ends up on my board.  The beauty will at least help you forget your anxiety for a while.


Read positive things ~ blogs, books, and inspirational quotes.


Breathe ‘properly’ ~ meditate, practice yoga, use crystals.


Use a grounding rock ~ Mine is called my ‘gratitude rock’ and it works really well for me.  It’s whichever crystal I have on my person on any given day.  By physically touching it, I’m reminded of why it’s there, which helps to ground me.  I always make sure I’m using the right one for me on any given day.


Have you got any other ways to ground yourself?  All positive thoughts are welcome!  Share them in the comments below or tweet me @AllSortsHere 🙂


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‘Scrambled Heads: A Children’s Guide to Mental Health’ ~ Review

Mental health.  It can be a very sensitive subject to approach.  Taboo even.
And it can be especially tricky to talk to our children about.
If you let it.


But here’s a helping hand because Emily Palmer has written ‘Scrambled Heads: A Children’s Guide to Mental Health
which was inspired after her own struggles with her mental health as a child and young adult.
For a start, what a great title!  It sums up very well the subject matter, I feel.
And with simple, colourful pictures, it’s such an easy read – a coffee table book that you can read in one sitting when the moment or need arises.Scrambled heads white childrens guide to mental health wellbeing book review young minds virtually all sorts
Apart from the simple illustrations, what really grabs me about this book is that it’s engaging.  It’s reassuring.  It gives useful advice in a non-aggressive and non-patronising way (very important for children, especially young adults).
‘Scrambled Heads’ normalises mental health, which is vital for everyone.


I say everyone, because when you first read the sub-title ‘A Children’s Guide to Mental Health’, you might think, as I did, that it’s aimed purely at children.  But when you consider that this book can be read by anyone of any age, so children, their siblings, their relatives, their friends and their parents, that covers a lot of ground!


What’s worth remembering is that many, many children have parents who have mental health issues and this book could help them to understand their situation better.   This would have been a very handy book when I had depression.  Books are one of 5 ways you beat depression.
The length of the book is just right for picking up off the coffee table, bedside cabinet, shelf or wherever and having a quick recap as the need arises.


The price is very reasonable too at £5.99.  And with 10% of the profits of the first edition being donated to ‘Young Minds’, it’s even more reasonable and a small price to pay, I’d say.


If I could change one thing, I would put a little less emphasis on visits to hospital and medication, and more emphasis on cognitive therapy.


Although it doesn’t actually refer directly to medication it has pictures that are open to interpretation.  And when it comes to mental health, I suppose it’s heavily open to interpretation on all levels.  Such as how someone looks compared to how they’re feeling.  And that’s just for starters.


Overall, given the complexity of the subject of mental health, I do think that this book does an extremely good job of not alienating anyone, not patronising anyone, not making anyone feel ‘odd’ and above all, not being flippant about what is a very serious subject.


I would encourage our 7 year old to read this at some point as and when the need may arise, as a useful aide to understanding mental health.


I was sent this book at a discount for the purpose of a review but all words and opinions are my own.

This post contains affiliates links which means that if you purchase something from this page, I get a little happiness too.  At no extra cost to you.  Thank you.


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Here’s a past-time for all seasons

Have you ever thought that you need to have a perfect blue sky dotted with clouds in order to cloud watch?


Well think again…

It’s a past-time for all seasons!


Take this picture that I shared on instagram.  Though there’s not much blue sky, isn’t it beautifully atmospheric and zen-like? (if I say so myself!!)

past time for all seasons cloud watching meditation clouds relaxing wellbeing relaxation


Granted, I’m not suggesting that you lay on your back on some sodden, cold grass and cloud watch, but just stop a moment.


Be in the moment.


Take in the clouds as they swirl by… Follow that swirl as it changes form…


Although you haven’t got your eyes closed, it’s a great way to slow down and it actually might just be a form of meditation.


So, my message to you is ‘do yourself a favour’ and gaze up at the sky; lose yourself in those swirly wirly clouds; relax and be grateful 🙂


Why not make it a habit?

past time for all seasons pin 2 c cloud watching meditation clouds relaxing wellbeing relaxation


And when you do it, let me know how you got on!



Do you like cloud watching?  What else do you like to do that relaxes you and is a great past-time to adopt?   I’d love to hear from you!  Please comment (below) or tweet me @AllSortsHere.  And come and say hi on social media ~ 


Thank you 🙂

5 ways to be more healthy and stay that way

So, have you got a plan to improve your fitness?

Maybe you’ve joined a gym?

Perhaps you’ve got kitted out for running or swimming?

If you have, great!  Good for you!

Or maybe you’ve got yourself a yoga mat or a meditation app.

A step in the right direction…


All of the above exercises and activities improve our mental health as well as our physical health, of course.  Those wonderful endorphins that are released in exercise… ooh yeah, give me some of those!

And it sounds pretty obvious that a consistent approach is best and that it gives you the best chance of success.  Taking up and continuing with exercise or a beneficial activity is a bit of a mind-game.  Particularly in the early days, getting into your exercise kit is half the battle. We know we’re going to feel great during and after exercise but resisting the sofa, TV and treats can be a huge battle.

As I’ve already touched on, once those addictive endorphins start pumping, it’s like a good habit and you just want to keep going back for more.

5 ways stones pin 1 be more healthy and stay that way wellbeing exercise goals plans fitness mental health physical virtually all sorts swimming gym running yoga meditation

To help you on your way, here are 5 ways you increase your chances of success to be more healthy… and stay that way (be it physical or mental, or both!):

  1. Why wait until new year?  If you’ve decided to take action, do it!  Right now!  Seize the day…
  2. Do the exercise or activity at the same time or times each day/week.  Pretty quickly, you’ll see a habit forming.  A good habit! I’m no psychologist but why would you go back to bad habits when good habits make you feel so gooood?…
  3. Accept that you’re going to come across obstacles.  If the exercise is to lose weight, but you fancy a chocolate bar or piece of cake… have it!  And then get back on the plan straight away.  Likewise, if you fancy skipping a session of yoga or meditation, chill our with friends instead (non-toxic ones!), read a book, light some candles, got for a walk to your favourite cafe or have a de-clutter instead.  And then get back on to the plan straight away.
  4. Tell your friends about your plan.  Providing they’re of a positive, non-toxic nature, they’ll support you and encourage you along the way.
  5. Consider that going cold turkey is often the best way.  Years ago (around 6 year to be precise), I experienced issues which led to a suggestion from the doctor to cut out fizzy drinks and caffeine.  I didn’t ‘do’ fizzy and so cut the caffeine.  My several cups a day went to zero cups, just like that.  I’m not saying it was easy to do.  I had a stonking headaches for days but I pushed through.  And I haven’t done do caffeine in drinks since (please don’t take my chocolate away from me!…)  Going cold turkey was the best action to take.  You might say that I was desperate to stop the issues.  I’m not saying they cleared up completely just because of cutting the caffeine but often, going cold turkey is less painful than weaning yourself off.

There you have it then, 5 ways to be more healthy and stay that way!


Have you got a plan?  What will you be doing?  Have you stuck to a plan?  How did you do it?  Did you follow any of the suggestions above?  I’d love to hear from you!  Please comment (below) or tweet me @AllSortsHere.  And come and say hi on social media ~ 


Thank you 🙂


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One good reason for the lousy British Summer !…

As I write this where I am in the UK, it’s Summer and the clouds are, well, cloudy.  But not just cloudy, they are storm cloudy!  And I may have had a hand in this!


why blame me for lousy british summer pic3 rain thunderstorms thunder suncream allergy allergic reaction sunsense cloudy drizzle summer holidays weather

I got prepared and stocked up on sun cream for our little girl.  Not from a special offer on the High Street.  Nope, from an online store.  Amazon to be precise.

Because our little girl is allergic to ‘regular’ sun cream.  I wanted to be prepared.


Rewind 2 years ago – our little girl’s skin started to come out in small raised bumps, very similar to heat rash.  The bumps were itchy and disappeared within a day or 2 of the last application of sun cream.

Last year was the same.  So we went back to our trusted brand of sun cream.

And then this year, we had a weekend of glorious sunshine.  I suddenly realised we had just about enough Sunsense sun cream for a day’s application!

So I ordered a couple more bottles on Amazon Prime to keep us going.

A couple of days in the week that followed were still glorious sunshine.  But since then we’ve had scattered showers – some of them thundery…

Sorry about that!


Have you been prepared, only for it to backfire?  Does your little one have a skin allergy, particularly with sun cream.  I’d love to know!  Please comment below or tweet me @AllSortsHere


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This is not a collaborative or sponsored post.  I’m simply letting you now what a fab sun cream Sunsense is!
This post contains affiliate links which means that if you buy something from clicking on a link from my blog, I get to receive some happiness too… at no extra cost to you 🙂 Thanks..

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