How do you approach homework?

Before our little girl started school, we were of the opinion that a little homework never hurt anyone.  It seemed like a good idea to get her ready for what would be a daily occurrence in secondary school (albeit a few years away…)

How do you approach homework education learning learn teaching inspire grow organise parenting schedule write read

Much like any other UK primary school, homework didn’t start in earnest until after the Christmas of her Reception year (that’s the first year for non-UK readers).  At the start we had a bit of phonics.  And it was fun and quite exciting to see what was in her homework book at the end of the week.  We’ve enjoyed Alternative Goldilocks, a lesson in Fairtrade, we’ve made paper and we’ve made a papery goat for Chinese New Year.  Yes, we’ve had oodles of fun!

We never really had a problem with completing homework in Reception.  We chose our moments of course and fitted it in around work and ‘tired times’.

We used to do it straight after school on a Friday.  Then it was done and dusted for the weekend… 2 whole days without having to learn.  Our little girl enjoys learning but equally, it’s vital to have a break from it.  You don’t have to be a psychologist to work that out!  Sponges can become saturated, no matter how much stimulation they need.

Along came Year 1 and a new school.  It was clear from a few weeks in that homework was being stepped a gear… and so it should be.  It was still enjoyable.

We’ve tried to do homework in the week but with work commitments and after school club, the days get busy and quickly get filled up.  And so it tends to fall to the weekends now.

We’ve got a bright little girl (yes, I’m biased!) and her teacher has confirmed this at parents’ evenings and at workshops.

Towards the end of terms, homework does get to be more of a chore.  Couple that with her need to learn and be stimulated due to her growing brain, homework is an ironic balancing act between necessity and burnout…

What are your thoughts?  How do you approach homework?  How much does it differ between siblings and/or your own experiences (however many years ago?!)

 I’d love to hear in the comments below or tweet me @AllSortsHere

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Alternative Goldilocks homework

Reception at Our Little Bear’s school have been learning all about Goldilocks and the Three Bears.  So when our bear’s teachers invited suggestions for alternative homework activities linked to the theme of the Three Bears, I read through the list and thought they’d covered everything…

Goldilocks and the three bears school homework creative dot to dot activity interaction imagination parenting

Until our bear said she wanted to draw Goldilocks but didn’t know how to.  Inspiration struck and I created a dot-to-dot.  It’s a bit squashed and perhaps a little too challenging for Reception but nonetheless, our bear really enjoyed it!

Goldilocks and the three bears school homework creative dot to dot activity interaction imagination parenting pic 2

Proof of the pudding (or porridge!) that sometimes you have to think on the spot (or dot!) and go with the flow!

(Apologies for the grainy pictures but I can’t resist sharing a post on homework, like this one about Chinese New Year .)

How do you make homework more fun and easier for your little one?

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