Easter Craft ~ How to make an easter egg box

Easter Craft ~ How To Make A Decorate Easter Egg Box

Easter Craft ~ how to make an Easter egg box

We love crafts in our house and Easter always brings out our creativity!

So when our 7 year old’s school ran a competition for the best decorated Easter egg, you can imagine the making and creating that went on…

…and here’s how she made it.  (I say ‘she’ because apart from boiling the eggs, she pretty much did it all by herself!)

Easter Craft ~ How To Make A Decorate Easter Egg Box

You will need:

A standard empty box

Hard-boiled eggs (it depends how many you’d like to decorate!)

Glue ~ pritt-stick type glue is better than gloopy glue because of handling the egg while decorating it… unless you want to look like a decorated easter egg yourself!

Felt-tips and/or paint ~ depending on whether you like really messy or not!

Paper for drawing pictures to cut out and stick on the eggs

Crafty things ~ anything crafty that you’ve got knocking around


Get a standard egg box

Easter Craft ~ How To Make A Decorate Easter Egg Box Step 1

Then get the glue

Easter Craft ~ How To make A Decorated Easter Egg Box Step 2

And some green ‘grass’ for paper

Easter Craft ~ How To Make A Decorated Easter Egg Box Step 3

Stick the ‘grass’ anywhere on the outside of the box (the corners work well)

Easter Craft ~ How To Make A Decorated Easter Egg Box Step 5

Pour some glue inside the egg box and stick some yellow ‘nest’ paper inside

Easter Craft ~ How To Make A Decorated Easter Egg Box Result

And there’s your Easter egg box!  (our daughter won a prize for hers!)


What do you like to make for Easter crafts?  I’d love to know!  Tell me by commenting below and then tweet me @AllSortsHere.

Thanks 🙂  


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How to adapt learning to the changing seasons ~ #BoredomBuster

As the seasons change, it can be quite difficult to get our daughter outside.  The lure of the kitchen table to do seasonal crafts, the lure of the screens, the lure of the snuggles on the sofa!  And why not?  All of these are great ways to spend your time.

But here at VirtuallyAllSorts, we’ve been adapting our learning to the seasons!


At the present time, our daughter loves role playing (among other things), particularly schools.

Since moving house, we haven’t had the chance to do much to pretty up our garden.  It’s quite a small garden but it has potential.

Potential for exploring, for using imagination, for building insect hotels!

Due to its size, we do have to think outside the box.

It’s all concrete and there’s no room for a swing.  Despite this, we have prettied part of it up successfully by painting a wall all different colours.

When our girl says she wants to play in the garden, she often says she’s bored out there.  So despite the obvious change of seasons, we recently popped her easel outside.  She can think outside of the box and so can we!

It’s perfect for her to role play her schools, as you can see.  All she needed was her coat and she was happy as anything for ages 🙂


And a happy little girl makes for happy parents!



What do you do to think outside of the box when it comes to space – inside and out?  Have you got any other suggestions for a boredom buster?  I’d love to hear!  Please comment below or tweet me @AllSortsHere


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How to make a potion


There’s a  potion to be made in the garden today

With weeds and with sand, she’s stirring away!

Like a hotpot, it gets left for days to stew

So I’d pretend to taste it, if I were you…


The cats look on with concern on their faces,

She finds ingredients in the strangest of places…

There’s glitter, there’s grass, old stickers and more,

But what’s there the most of? There’s gloop galore!


This potion is special, this potion’s the best

This potion is better than all the rest,

You can search high and low but you’ll never find

A potion that’s better, it’s one of a kind!

By Carol Cameleon 2015

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