“Is it worth it? Would I make it?” ~ poem #WonderfulWorldofWriting

“Is it worth it? Would I make it? How far would I get?”

lost card paying funny humour poem


I rummage around while I chat to the girl,

We talk of this and of that,

It’s mindless small talk, a distraction technique

My mind’s gone blank, that’s a fact.


Then I tighten my grip,

Delve deeper once more,

Realisation dawns,

Should I run for the door?


Is it worth it? Would I make it?

How far would I get?

“I’ve never done this before”,

That’s what they all say, I’ll bet…


The queue starts to shuffle,

The queue starts to groan,

It’s enough to distract them

From their trusty smartphones.


I feel the stares in the back of my head,

As the girl fills out a proforma.

She hands it over, I’ve seven days to pay,

 Oh, I’ll pay, once I’m over my trauma!


By Carol Cameleon 2016

The story behind the poem: Having left my bank card in the local shop the night before, I was blissfully unaware until I went to pay for a full tank of petrol…!


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