Review ~ Hypnosis Ninja for hypnosis downloads

Review Hypnosis Ninja Download Sessions

Review ~ Hypnosis Ninja downloads

 When I heard of hypnosis downloads by Hypnosis Ninja, I thought it sounded a bit gimmicky because I’ve seen a couple of hypnosis programmes on TV and I’m a bit sceptical.  Despite this though, I wanted to give one of the downloads a go.

Which session to choose?

I chose the chocolate addiction session because I didn’t honestly know what the hypnotherapy entailed or what the effect would be on me.  Being overly partial to chocolate and almost binging on it at times (especially at the weekends), chocolate is something that I often crave and I felt it needed to be more under control.  Due to my fast metabolism, it’s not a problem weight-wise but energy peak and slump-wise, it’s a bit of an issue at times.  So the chocolate session seemed like a good one to experiment with.  There’s a whole myriad of sessions with a broad range of treatments and there appears to be something for almost everyone.  Review Hypnosis Ninja Download Sessions

So what about the session?

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