Review ~ Dr Dunner PhytoVitality supplements

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Review ~ Dr Dunner PhytoVitality supplements

I’ve been using Dr Dunner PhytoVitality most days for a few weeks now.  Admittedly, I don’t always remember to take a capsule and so from that alone it’s hard to say whether they make any difference or not.  I’ve also had a couple of curries in that time, both containing turmuric so there hasn’t been much of a ‘control’ element to this review.

What is PhytoVitality?

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How to put the energy back in your life! #TheZenZing

#TheZenZing How to put the energy back in your life positive detox flush toxins new you new years resolution fitness wellbeing

So, how can you put the energy back in your life?

There are so many ways you can do this and in my series of blog posts #TheZenZing, I will share how I do it…

When I came across an interesting article that talked about how lemon water can boost your immunity, I was open-minded and read on with intrigue.  Well, who wouldn’t?  But I was perhaps more interested than many because of the amount of time my family has been ‘lurgified’ and therefore zapped of energy due to the nasty bugs that have found their way into our home, particularly since our little bear started school.  I was particularly keen to boost our immunity naturally.

I can honestly say that I’ve rarely felt so wiped out and fed up with being poorly.  I asked myself how on earth I could boost my immune system, which must surely be at rock bottom?  Not a nice thought!

As part of my Crystal Healing Practitioner’s course I’ve been studying the physiology of the human body and with it, the immune system (the lymphatic system).  So when I came across the article that talked about how lemon water can boost your immunity, I was all ears and ready to try anything.

I learnt that hot lemon water drunk first thing in the morning flushes the toxins and also gives your adrenal gland the best possible start by sstabilisingit.  In other words, the ‘flush’ helps to stop your adrenal gland (and so your adrenaline) from pumping too much.  This in turn can bring down your stress levels.

…and if your stress levels are down, your blood pressure should follow suit.  Which in turns prevents overloading your heart and the associated veins and arteries.

Ta dah!  But surely it can’t be that easy to boost your immunity?  Well actually, I’ve found that it is.  I don’t claim to be a qualified medic and don’t suggest you heed the advice in this blog post over that of your doctor, but for me that hot lemon water in the morning has and is making a difference.  It’s making a difference to my morning.  It’s making a difference to the start of my day and therefore my outlook at the start of my day.  It’s making a difference to my complexion.  I don’t get any caffeine buzzes or slumps.  Instead, I feel more energetic and I’ve found my zing!

It’s #TheZenZing…


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