What to do when your own writing bores you

What to do When Your Own Writing Bores You

What to do when your own writing bores you

One of the most painful experiences as a writer, especially one who considers themselves to still be learning, is re-reading your own work.  It’s a necessary task, but it should be done after you’ve had time away from your work.  But here’s a question: what if you read your writing only to find that, above all else, it’s simply boring?  If you find that you’re not as inspired or passionate as you aimed to be, what can you do?

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How to write flash fiction ~ #WonderfulWorldofWriting

How to write flash fiction blog #WonderfulWorldofWriting


One of my favourite blog posts to read as a blogger is flash fiction.  I just love the bite-sized stories and reading the different interpretations of the same photo.

And one of my favourite blog posts to write as a blogger is flash fiction!  I just love seeing a photo and going with the flow.

Sometimes an idea comes immediately.  Sometimes it doesn’t come at all.  It’s not writer’s block (in my ‘book’ anyway), it’s simply meant to be for me.

If it’s too forced, I don’t enjoy it and therefore I don’t get the buzz.  And my readers quite possibly won’t enjoy it either.  I see it as wasted time and energy.

So here’s how I write flash fiction – feel free to give it a whirl yourself!  I see the photo, I get the idea, I’m cookin’ on gas!

I tend to work backwards and start at the end.  Then decide how I get there, which gives me the middle.  Then I find myself at the beginning!

If my notes are quite comprehensive, I find the story is often nearly written.  It’s just a case of expanding a little to make it flow and being clever with punctuation (and sentence structure).

But if my notes resemble a skinny skeleton, I expand by setting more of a scene, more description, more emotion.

What I do find with both basic and comprehensive notes is this:

If the idea comes quickly, I enjoy writing by both methods.

And here are some I wrote earlier!…

He had started off with good intentions

and then

Never let it be said that a stone heart holds no emotion


The blood was like…

and then

No one knew when it going to happen

not forgetting

A man took a stroll through a deep, dark wood


Are you a flash writer?  How do you approach your story?  

If you’re not into flash, what’s your favourite genre to write?

Let me know in the comments below.


Keep Calm and Carry On Linking Sunday

How to find blogging inspiration from other blog posts ~ #WonderfulWorldofWriting

How to find inspiration from other blog posts #WonderfulWorldofWriting

How to find inspiration from other blog posts #WonderfulWorldofWriting

I recently saw a blog post from Tales of the Motherland called “Alone in a hotel room”.

From the title I assumed it would be a sad post full of soul-searching.  While I write this (very rarely do I type and go!), I haven’t read the blog post, as I don’t want to be swayed by the content.

It struck me how much just one word can convey.

To a busy parent it could mean 5 minutes of peaceful me-time

Or it could be someone travelling for work with only wifi and/or satellite TV and/or mini bar for company.  (Not exactly alone then!…)

‘Alone’ can mean so many things to so many people.

It can mean a deep, empty feeling of being on your own.

It can mean shutting a door on an intrusive world.

It can mean time to free your soul by putting pen to paper in letter writing or any kind of writing.

It can mean absorbing yourself in a book (bliss!)

What does it mean to me?  Well, from past experience, alone is a black place to be.  Being alone can mean too much time to wallow.  I used to feel ‘too’ alone when I experienced depression (which was, thankfully a good while ago now).

I used a journal to record something positive each day and when I recovered, I vowed I would never, ever go there again.

Along with focussing on all things literary and writing, I try very hard to keep my Virtually All Sorts blog positive and to that end, this post will finish on a positive slant.

For me, ‘alone’ has to be indulging in a bath of the perfect temperature, candles on and a good book afterwards (don’t want it getting soggy or the ereader falling in the bath!!)

So what was the point in me writing this post?  It struck me how just from reading a title containing a single word can provoke thoughts and feelings and inspire a whole new blog post.  Do read Dawn Landau’s post at Tales from the Motherland to see why she wrote the post that inspired this post…


What would you do if you had some ‘alone’ time?

Tell me in the comments below.

The double meaning of ‘any way’ ~ poems #WonderfulWorldofWriting

My wonderful world of writing ~ The double meaning of 'any way' ~ poems #WonderfulWorldofWriting

My wonderful world of writing ~ The double meaning of ‘any way’ ~ poems #WonderfulWorldofWriting

‘Any Way’

All the things you can do,

All the things you can say,

All the things that you might

One day want to be


Don’t just sit and wait,

Build the dream every day,

Start right here, right now,

Don’t push your dream away


We’re all too busy

With this and with that;

We’re all so conditioned with,

“Oooh you can’t do that!”


We need to question,

We need to say,

“Why not? No one can stop me, I’ll do it

Any way.”


By Carol Cameleon