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Do you know Joy ?
I’ve known Joy.  I used to avoid Joy because Joy made me feel on edge.  I could never make sense of Joy.  I could never get under the layers of Joy .  I never used to know what to say when I was amidst Joy.
Joy never made me happy or euphoric, as you would expect.  Joy used to fill me with dread.
That’s why I always avoided Joy.  Maybe if I had known Joy, I would have known what made Joy.  But Joy never used to invite me in.  The invisible  barriers were always up when Joy was around.  Joy was always wallowing in misery.  The joy I’m referring to is a person and do you know what really puzzles me about Joy?  Do you know the one thing that I can’t understand?  Ironically, ‘Joy’ wasn’t even Joy’s first name.  Maybe it was her middle name that she chose to use instead of her first name.  Whatever, never could a person’s name be more polar opposite to defining their personality…!
So, as I’m writing this, I consider that there is often irony in ‘joy’.  When we see something labelled with ‘joy’ (like I did with Joy), perhaps we should consider what is going on deep down, underneath the layers…
Perhaps Joy had her own issues which made her far from a bundle of joy.  I will never know…because I never delved under the layers of Joy.
Have you ever met anyone like JOY?


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