Somewhere to learn, to grow, to play ~ poem #WonderfulWorldofWriting

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In a recent Wonderful World of Writing post, I shared how our little girl uses her ‘Imagination Station’ and here’s a short poem about how it came to be…

Somewhere to learn, to grow, to play…


Once upon a time you were a little bear

Born 3 weeks early, you were tiny with no hair,

You slept in your cot through the night, give or take

And rarely did you stir, not a noise did you make…


The cot was your cousins’

And has a tale or two to tell,

Many a time between you all it’s

Heard the ‘odd’ scream or yell!


Lost dummies, stuffed teddies

Wedged ‘tween mattress and frame,

I’d nudge your Daddy, “Your turn!”

Or at least that was my aim…


Fast forward a few years

And now you’ve started school,

“I know!”, I shrilled with a brainwave,

And went to fetch the rule…


With measurements to hand,

We got some wood chopped and changed,

Then spread a layer of blackboard paint

And when dry we re-arranged…


Your playpen came down,

Your baby toys given away,

Your cot transformed into a desk,

Somewhere to learn, to grow, to play…


By Carol Cameleon

Originally published under MummyBearsBlog but with a brand new school term on the horizon, I thought it would be nice to look back at how much our little girl has grown physically and mentally.  Her desk is truly a place ‘to learn, to grow, to play…’


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