This week I have mostly been exploring…

word of the week exploring


My blog has been strangely quiet this week.  You may have noticed this too.  After blogging every day in April for the A to Z Challenge, it’s been a refreshing change to be able to kick back a little and enjoy exploring other blogs, read, digest and comment too.


As much as it was very satisfying to join in and also discover some wonderful new blogs that I may never have stumbled upon otherwise, it’s been refreshing to be able to ease off the blog posts and do some reading.


Pop by later today for my round-up of Virtually All Sorts of blogs that I have been reading this week.  It’d be great to share them with you…

My #WordoftheWeek with  The Reading Residence is ‘exploring’.

Word of the week exploring



You know that book you’ve always wanted to turn into an eBook?

You know that you’ve never known how to do it?

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