The benefits to children of learning music ~ #IfShesHappyImHappy

The Benefits of Children Learning Music

The benefits to children of learning music

When I was a child, I learnt the guitar and violin.  And I remember that I enjoyed them both.  Nowadays, my guitar sometimes gets an ‘airing’.  I’d like for it be more often but at least it’s not collecting dust.

Since our 8 year old took up the violin, I’ve been tempted to learn again – with her.  It’s so nice to see her with the violin – she suits it very well and has taken to it very well too.  Quite apart from the fact that she enjoys playing, it’s good to know the benefits of learning music too, particularly for our children.


The Benefits of Children Learning Music

From an early age, our daughter has been stimulated; she’s creative and is thriving at school.  But hubby and I were keen to get her on to learning an instrument.  The first time she took the bow to the strings, I stopped in my tracks and it took my breath away.  Yes, I’m her Mum and biased by default but she really does suit it: her composure when she holds it, her control of the bow, how she gets right into ‘the zone’.  And what a lovely zone to get into.

When we find a second hand violin at the right price, I see no reason not to join her on her musical journey.

We’ve got a violin, a guitar and a piano in our home.  Out of al of these, my personal preference is the violin and it seems that’s our daughter’s too.  That’s fine by me because…


Does your child play an instrument?  Please tell us in the comments below or tweet me @AllSortsHere



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Poem for #WonderfulWorldofWriting ~ The Thing About Music

Poem for #WonderfulWorldofWriting ~ The Thing About Music

 Poem for #WonderfulWorldofWriting ~ The Thing About Music

 The Thing About Music


When you hear the start of your favourite track,

Have you noticed what happens, that it takes you back…?

Back to a time, be it good or bad,

Your emotions will remind you, happy or sad…


That’s the thing about music, whether dancy or not,

You can make your own playlist, with your own number 1 spot;

You don’t need a rock star or a disco ball,

Close your eyes and feel ‘that’; it’s universal, for all.


In the blink of an eye, you’re transported away

To a first date, or a dance, or a holiday;

The rhythmn of music resonates far and wide,

Bringing people together, knocking down the divide…


A festival for the senses, the rhythm, the beat,

It moves you, it shakes you, you gotta move your feet!

As it vibrates through your body, your hips sway, your arms move,

Music’s all around us, let it in, feel your groove…



By Carol Cameleon 2017

What’s the one track that brings back memories for you?  I’d love to know!  Please comment below or tweet me @AllSortsHere

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What music puts a spring in your step? Share the vibe! ~ Positive Thinking


Do you listen to music in the morning?

(Or when you get up if you’re a shift worker!)

How about today?

When we have breakfast, we always have the radio on.  Usually the same station.

Except at weekends when we have a more upbeat station on because our weekday regular is often less upbeat.

We always have some kind of music wafting through the sound waves of our house!

It’s a no-brainer that feel-good music makes you feel, well, good!

And who doesn’t want to start their day in a good mood?

My advice is to be more conscious of what you listen to.  It could make or break the start of your day!


What did you listen to this morning?  Did it put a spring in your step?  What’s your favourite song to lift your mood?

I’d love to hear from you. Tweet me @AllSortsHere using the hashtag #PositiveThinking.

Let’s create a virtual wave of positivity!

#PositiveThinking is my monthly blog linky.

Link up any blog post with a positive and happy theme (and it’d be great if you could copy my badge below into your post).  Perhaps your positive thought could be connected to a goal you have in mind, something funny you’ve heard or something funny you’ve seen.  If it’s got a PositiveThinking theme, it works for this linky.  Old or new posts, it doesn’t matter – link up as many as you like.  

The linky door is always open.


Also join me on twitter.  Tweet anything positive and/or promote your positive blogpost (the one you link up!) with #PositiveThinking and include a direct tweet to me @AllSortsHere… I’ll share by retweeting.

Let’s get the positive vibrations going good and strong 🙂

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Music ~ can you take it or leave it?

Music.  Can you take or leave it?  Or are you like me and my family and always have some form of music wherever you are?

music memories emotion singing

It’s a conscious action isn’t it?  You put a CD on, pop your earphones in, choose a spotify playlist…  The only time it’s not concious for me is when I turn the igition in my car.  And wham! – there’s the radio springing into action.

Recently, our little girl has started to show more and more interest in music.  She’s started to sing along to pop music and actually know the words, rather than just make random ones up.  (thank goodness for radio edits!)

Years and years ago I seriously considered applying for Big Brother.  I had no ties and got the application form.  A question was ‘what one thing could you not live without? (aside from family and friends).

My reply was ‘music’.  But my life took a happy turn and I never applied!

Music can make you feel happy in a heartbeat and vice versa.

It can evoke so many emotions can’t it?

When I was pregnant, I often used to listen to Classic FM on the way home from work (I still listen to it often now) and it would invariably make our little girl move around.  Mothering instinct told me it was a seal of calming approval. (saying that though, classical music can be just as emotive.)

Over the years, I’ve had some amazing musical experiences.  I’ve been to pop concerts (or ‘gigs’ if you’re cool!), I’ve been to Glastonbury which was an incredible experience (and where we left our tent because it was sooo wet and muddy!)

My friend used to call me her ‘amazingly wide taste music friend’ or sometime similar.  Whatever, it was a bit of mouthful but describes me pretty well, I’d say!  Other than thrash metal and really hardcore rap, my music tastes are very varied.

For example, if I was to whittle my all time faves down to 10 (ish), it would look something like this (in no particular order):

  • She’s Electric by Oasis
  • Sunshine of my life by Stevie Wonder
  • Story by St Etienne
  • Yes I do feel Better by someone and Butler!
  • Recipe for Love by Harry Connick Jr
  • Song 2 by Blur
  • Black Dog by The Manics
  • Bartend and Thief by Stereophonics
  • I don’t want a lover by Texas
  • Happy by someone who’s name fails me…
  • Promise Me by Beverly Craven
  • Real Gone Kid by Deacon Blue


About 50% of these bring back ‘actual’ memories.  As in they make me stop what I’m doing and ‘actually’ re-live moments in my mind.  The sort that you sit in the car when you’ve reached your destination to listen to the end!

The rest I just really love for whatever reason; I connect with them; they resonate with me.

The list could go on and on and on… such is the power of music.

For our little girl’s birthday, we are looking to buy her a bog-standard, low wattage (less noise!) music system-type-thing.  She can have it in her bedroom and bop away in privacy, should she choose to.  Oh, the moments of singing into her hair brush she’ll have 🙂

So what about you?  What does music mean to you?  I’d love to hear in the comments below.  Or tweet me @AllSortsHere



*Footnote ~ Aby at YouBabyMeMummy and Amy at MrandMrsTPlus3 recently held a #vlogstars linky on your favourite songs.  I had intended to vlog this but I didn’t have time.  It has since evolved.  Anyhow, I’m joining in with their #Thelist linky and would highly recommend taking part in their vlogstars linky 🙂


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