Considering car seat safety for your child

Considering car seat safety for your child

considering Car Seat Safety For Your Child Road Safety Protect

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I remember very well the first time our now 8 year old daughter ever went in her car seat.  Born 3 weeks early, she looked tiny in it; she was tiny in it.  And she looked vulnerable but we knew that she was as safe and protected as possible.

I also remember buying her car seat.  We did our fair share of research online first and found there is a lot of helpful information  about how to maintain your car and also car seat safety.  Our car seat came as part of a travel system and as well as choosing a frame that collapsed and ‘popped up’ as quickly and easily as possible (nobody wants to be faffing with a baby and a complicated pushchair!), we made sure we were happy with her car seat.

Our choice was best for us; it came with a base that you could leave strapped into the car, yet was also secure and safe, and lightweight too.  Being able to lift her out of the car seat base while still in the seat while she slept was a sanity-saver!

The seat clipped in with a firm ‘clunk’ into the base and the seat belt fitted securely around the chassis.

Every parent wants the peace of mind knowing that they’ve done everything possible to protect their child while on the move on today’s busy road, don’t they?

Most car seats today have a way of ensuring the harness is secure while not too loose or tight.  Ours had a visible gauge for this too.  The little window turned green when the tension was just right.  Another box ticked.  And let’s face it, when it comes to the safety of our children, we want all those boxes ticked…


What memories have you got of shopping for a car seat or travel system?  I’d love to hear them.  Please comment below or tweet me @AllSortsHere. Thanks!