Everything Has A Place And Other Time-Saving Saviours

Everything Has A Place And Other Time-Saving Saviours

I know, the title has followed that rather generic, “It’s December so we need to focus on next year” formula, but that’s just part of the yearly song we all love singing along to.  However, unlike all the other blogs that do the super-generic thing of a) talking about New Year’s resolutions you should keep, b) how to lose weight in January or c) making more money next year, we’re going to focus on the most valuable commodity out there – time.


You can’t get it back once it’s been spent, you can’t grow it, buy it, manufacture it or press pause on it, and that’s what makes it so valuable.


Everything Has A Place And Other Time-Saving Saviours

So, without wasting any more of yours, here are the best ways you can use your time more efficiently in 2018:

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A novel book storage idea

When our little girl unwrapped a cushion from her Grandma and Pop for Christmas, she was really excited… and so was I!

Book cushion a novel book storage idea reading nook library organisation

Having been to a Christmas Fayre, my lovely Mum saw these brilliant cushions that double up as a novel book storage idea!

When our little girl saw that her cousin had a similar cushion, she was even more excited.

When she unwrapped 5 new Rainbow Magic books, she slotted a couple into the little pockets on her new cushion.

What a neat idea!

The cushion now flits between her reading nook and her bed, as do the cats most days.  I’m convinced that the cats enjoy a read when she’s not there!  She’s even been known to take it in the car with her over the Christmas break!

Our little girl chose to spend some of her Christmas money on a Rainbow Magic bookmark, which arrived just after Christmas.

What I love is that our little girl is being so very patient (mostly) because she’s pre-ordered another Rainbow Magic book for delivery in March…

Whereas I… well I haven’t got a lovely book cushion but I have managed to explore our new (to us) library and brought a couple of books home 🙂

To be perfectly honest, I was really disappointed with ‘Shadows of the Workhouse’ by Jennifer Worth.  Having devoured a couple of her other books, I had high hopes for this one but just couldn’t get past the first couple of chapters which seemed more like character studies than the interesting insight into history that I was expecting.

So I tried a different genre, recommended to me.  This one is by Liane Moriarty ‘Big Little Lies’ and I am enjoying it.  It’s hard to put down and I’ll hopefully report back in a few weeks 🙂