Why you should get on your bike

Why You Should Get On Your Bike Wellbeing Mental Physical Outdoors Biking Cycling

Why you should get on your bike

Before we moved house, I used to bike to work.  It took around 30 minutes and although I would often feel sluggish and have the can’t-be-bothered mentality before I started out, once I’d arrived I felt great.  There’s nothing like a good bike ride to wake you up!

That feeling of being invigorated from biking before you start work is something else.  I used to be cautious being out on the road on my bike, concerned about that car or van that was just a bit too close for comfort.  But when I heard about the general accident contact number, I got my confidence back.  The benefits of biking pushed me to get back to pedalling too.  It helps to lower your blood pressure and therefore reduce stress for starters.  I’d cross paths with colleagues in the corridors after locking my bike up in the secure bike shed and they’d be heading straight to get a coffee.  Not me.  No need with all that fresh air pumping through me!  If you could bottle the ‘just biked’ feeling, you’d never look back.  Once you’ve started biking and you remember that feeling, it makes getting into gear so much easier.  You don’t have to go far to get kitted out either.

Why You Should Get On Your Bike Wellbeing Mental Physical Outdoors Biking Cycling

Admittedly, it took me a while to get used to biking after however many years of driving.  First there was getting used to the saddle, which I changed to a more comfortable one.  Boy do you know about it when your saddle’s too hard!  Then there’s making sure your helmet’s the right fit and is actually fitted on your head properly.  Not forgetting the lights of course.  It’s useful to get the sort that you can easily snap on and off, making them portable and not open for the taking…  talking of which, you can get kits to security mark your bike too.  Very handy and good to know.  The security markers are often only visible under infra-red but you can of course put a visual deterrent on your bike too.  A good lock is essential for any bike owner.

You can accessorise with a pretty bell and you can even get bluetooth speakers for your bike now too… with rings on her fingers and bells on her toes, she shall have music wherever she goes!

It’s a good idea to build your bike ride into your routine if you can, that’s when it becomes a habit.  And what a great habit to have.  There’s no easier way to build a bike ride into your routine than pedalling to and from work!  That habit loop lifts your spirits and is the perfect antidote for our busy lives, helping to keep us in top condition, mentally and physically.  All in all it’s great for your wellbeing.

Why stop at the weekend?  With a range of bikes for men, women, kids and also unisex, there’s really no reason not to get out and get into the fresh air!

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5 reasons to use fake grass in your garden

5 Reasons to use Fake Grass in your Garden Wellbeing Artificial Grass Outdoors

5 reasons to use fake grass in your garden


When we moved house a couple of years ago, as is often the case, we sorted out the inside of the house and the outside area got neglected.  It was October too, so no surprises there.

Apart from sweeping the leaves away from the drain and sorting the bins out every week, we spent very little time out there.

Part of the reason is that our garden is more of a back yard and really not very pretty to be honest.  To make it more inviting, we’re considering ‘prettying’ it up into a more useable space with fake grass.

5 Reasons to use Fake Grass in your Garden Wellbeing Artificial Grass Outdoors

Our friend has artificial grass and wishes she’d done it year ago.  Her recommendation, out own research and our own common sense mean that we’re now in the first stages of our planning project.

And here are our top 5 reasons for choosing fake grass for our garden:

No more mowing!

While I never used to mind mowing the lawn as an activity in itself, there’s no denying that it took time.  With our electric mower, there was always the very real danger of mowing over the electric cable too… a thought that I never used to relish!

And then of course, there was the emptying of the grass box, the disposal of the grass itself and stowing the lawn mower away.  This always involved taking a jigsaw puzzle apart and putting it all back together again in our outhouse-come-shed, which could be frustrating at times because there was always something that couldn’t be shoe-horned back into place as easily!

Then there’s the edging and weeding…

I could think of a better way to spend my time than mowing a lawn, then trimming the edges and that’s even before we mention the weeding!  One look inside my house will tell you that although the surfaces are generally clean, they’re not always clutter-free and it’s definitely ‘lived-in’ but I do tend to know where everything is.  Yes, everything has it’s place.  After that little insight into my personality, it might not surprise you that weeds drive me (or used to drive me) a little bit crazy!

No matter how hard we tried, there would invariably be a weed, or 10, spoiling our lawn!  Again, I can think of better ways to spend my time.  Lounging around on a weed-free lawn with my family for starters!

Safe for the pets 

Since we moved house, we’ve lost a cat and gained a dog, leaving us with one of each.  And so having a pet-safe garden is a priority.  Which means no toxic plants and somewhere for Daisy the dog to use her energy in what we call her ‘mad half hours’!  (or which she has several a day!)  To be able to throw her a ball to play with and be able to easily clean up mess is another box ticked.

No more sneezing! 

You may have noticed that I’ve been referring to ‘me’ a lot up to now!  Family time has featured, which of course includes hubby.  But the mowing always came down to me.  Why?  Because of pollen!  Yes, hayfever always meant that I was the mower and indeed he would often struggle outside.  Not with fake grass!  It would benefit out 8 year old daughter too because she showed signs of hayfever for the first time last Summer.  I see quality, outdoors family time on the horizon again!

Outdoor space

We all need time outdoors.  A dose of fresh air and topping up vitamin D is essential for our physical and mental health.  There’s little more inviting as the weather gets warmer than stepping out onto grass with barefeet.  Bonus points if I can do in my dressing gown with a decaf!  Personally, it’s what I really miss during Autumn and Winter.

Creating a zen-space is so important to me and with that comes barefeet; with that comes meditation and with that comes a happier me!  The hippy-at-heart in me loves going barefoot.  And that’s another thing about artificial grass.  There are different softeness levels (and different wearability levels too).  Now to decide which variety to choose!


What do you like to do in your garden?  I’d love to know!  Comment below or tweet me @AllSortsHere .



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Book Review ~ ‘Outdoor Things to do’ #BoredomBuster

Anti Boredom Book Of Brilliant Outdoors Things To Do Andy Seed Bloomsbury

 Book review ~ ‘Outdoor Things To Do’ book

The most obvious point of The Anti-boredom Book of Brilliant Outdoor Things To Do book is that it encourages children to go outside.
That’s one box ticked.
But what if you haven’t got a particularly big or ‘gardeny’ garden?  You know, the ‘backyard’ type garden that is concrete and doesn’t lend itself to much adventure?  The garden without any grass.  Well, there’s always the local park.  Sometimes though, it’s nice to just hang out at home and potter around isn’t it?
 And for days like that, this book also lends a hand!
How?  Because it’s also got a section on indoors rainy day activities.
Another box ticked!
Anti Boredom Book Of Brilliant Outdoors Things To Do Andy Seed Bloomsbury

Looking for inspiration for those “I’m bored” moments?

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“It’s none of these, it’s a…” ~ poem #WonderfulWorldofWriting

Flower garden poem it's none of these making outdoors sunshine imagination insect haven parenting free play nature

In our garden is a wall and a tree,

And right at the bottom, what will you see?

A teddy bear with a picnic, a fairy, a gnome?

It’s none of these, it’s a right Royal home!


A home for a princess, a queen or a king?

With turrets, a staircase, a drawbridge thing?

A wicked witch, hair black as a raven?

It’s none of these, it’s an insect haven!


What’s it built with, this haven of theirs?

Gingerbread for the roof? Sweets for the stairs?

Soil from the garden? And sap from the trees?

None of these; it’s built with twigs and leaves!

how to make how to build an insect hotel poem it's none of these making outdoors sunshine imagination insect haven parenting free play nature


We got down to nature in our own back yard,

She led the way, balancing leaves so hard,

We foraged for stones, for twigs, a snail’s shell,

We made a house of memories ‘n the ants liked it as well!


By Carol Cameleon 2016

The story behind the poem: After what can only be described as a dismal few days for weather here in the UK, the clouds parted and we built an insect hotel!  We had made a ‘flower garden’ previously and it was just beautiful to see our little girl (6) using her imagination to make a shelter for the insects 🙂


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Getting down with nature ~ poem #WonderfulWorldofWriting

poem getting down with nature digging for worms outdoors outside explore parenting garden mud wonderful world of writing blog linky


Getting down with nature


The soil under my fingers

Is a sign of fun;

I dug around in the mud

And unearthed a worm!


He’s a friendly little fella,

With his long body he wriggles around;

Not sure what he thinks to this tub though,

No soft furnishings to be found!


But does he think? Is he a she?

If we know, I’m not sure how!

With soil and mulch to feast on,

These are his home comforts for now.


Back to the earth little wormy,

It’s been good to explore your home;

You’re not like my dolls or My Little Ponies,

No clothes to change, no hair to comb!


I like to explore in the garden,

Get grubby and dig around;

Yes there’s lots to do outside,

And grubby things to be found!


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How to make a potion


There’s a  potion to be made in the garden today

With weeds and with sand, she’s stirring away!

Like a hotpot, it gets left for days to stew

So I’d pretend to taste it, if I were you…


The cats look on with concern on their faces,

She finds ingredients in the strangest of places…

There’s glitter, there’s grass, old stickers and more,

But what’s there the most of? There’s gloop galore!


This potion is special, this potion’s the best

This potion is better than all the rest,

You can search high and low but you’ll never find

A potion that’s better, it’s one of a kind!

By Carol Cameleon 2015

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Down on the farm ~ poem #WonderfulWorldofWriting

Down on the farm …

What is this in my Pop’s hand?

It’s a little black seed that he plants in the land.

“How does it grow?” I ask my Pop,

He tells me how he looks after his crops.


I wonder aloud, “Do you plant with a spade?”

He tells me how his crops are made:

In bygone years tools were pulled by a horse,

Now we have tractors to take the force.


Our little bear at five years old

Is taking it in, and learning tenfold,

Like the sun and rain helps the crops to grow,

She’s growing from Pop telling all that he knows.


Down on the farm, you can see that she thrives,

What a special time to have when you’re five.

She explores with her cousins, and a grown-up too,

With the farm at her feet, there’s so much to do.


Today she’s dressed up, she’s been a Princess all day!

But usual attire is for outdoor play.

Good job we remembered her Frozen wellies,

For trudging through soil and farmyard smellies!


No matter, it washes, who cares about dirt?

With soil in her nails, mud on her skirt,

She’s having a ball, she’s free, she’s alive!

Memories to last for the rest of her life… 🙂


By Carol Cameleon 2015

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