Book Review ~ ‘Outdoor Things to do’ #BoredomBuster

Anti Boredom Book Of Brilliant Outdoors Things To Do Andy Seed Bloomsbury

 Book review ~ ‘Outdoor Things To Do’ book

The most obvious point of The Anti-boredom Book of Brilliant Outdoor Things To Do book is that it encourages children to go outside.
That’s one box ticked.
But what if you haven’t got a particularly big or ‘gardeny’ garden?  You know, the ‘backyard’ type garden that is concrete and doesn’t lend itself to much adventure?  The garden without any grass.  Well, there’s always the local park.  Sometimes though, it’s nice to just hang out at home and potter around isn’t it?
 And for days like that, this book also lends a hand!
How?  Because it’s also got a section on indoors rainy day activities.
Another box ticked!
Anti Boredom Book Of Brilliant Outdoors Things To Do Andy Seed Bloomsbury

Looking for inspiration for those “I’m bored” moments?

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Getting down with nature ~ poem #WonderfulWorldofWriting

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Getting down with nature


The soil under my fingers

Is a sign of fun;

I dug around in the mud

And unearthed a worm!


He’s a friendly little fella,

With his long body he wriggles around;

Not sure what he thinks to this tub though,

No soft furnishings to be found!


But does he think? Is he a she?

If we know, I’m not sure how!

With soil and mulch to feast on,

These are his home comforts for now.


Back to the earth little wormy,

It’s been good to explore your home;

You’re not like my dolls or My Little Ponies,

No clothes to change, no hair to comb!


I like to explore in the garden,

Get grubby and dig around;

Yes there’s lots to do outside,

And grubby things to be found!


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