Review ~ choconchoc handmade chocolates

Choconchoc Arm Candy Handmade Belgian Chocolate

Review ~ choconchoc handmade chocolates

 First of all, how cute is this bag?
Choconchoc Arm Candy Handmade Belgian Chocolate
Second of all, yes, I did devour it all. by. myself.  (And what of it?!)
Of all the chocolate, Belgian has possibly got the best reputation.  And as a lover of all things chocolate, I can tell you that quality is definitely best.
Predictably in this handbag, the chocolate was as it should be: velvety and totally more-ish.  The detail on the bag was amazing and I was very impressed that all the products are handmade.  Now that is amazing!

A little story…

I love the little story of choconchoc: that it was started by a father and daughter in Somerset and that their first product of noughts and crosses is still stocked and is now called ‘Love and Kisses’.
I love the idea of turning a chocolate bar into a handbag.  It’s cute, it’s quirkey and it’s the perfect gift idea!  The patented layering of chocolate is an absolute chocolate dream too… allll that chocolate!
As for the chocolate handbag, it’s about the size of your average ‘larger’ bar.  You know, the ones perhaps meant for sharing but which you totally don’t share?!  I wasn’t sure about the colour of the chocolate and thought it might make it taste a little cheap and ‘stale’ but I was pleasantly surprised that there was no after taste and that it did, indeed, taste just like a good chocolate should.

The packaging

It was really well packaged, protected in a good wad of big bubble wrap and the chocolate bag itself was held in place securely by a transparent box which slotted nicely around the ‘bag’ and its cardboard surround.  A sweet little touch was the ribbon ‘handle’ of the box.  It’s the little touches that go a long way, isn’t it?
I’d order from choconchoc because quality always wins!

Worth the money?

The RRP of this handbag is £12 and given the work that must go into it, the quality of the chocolate and the concept of the whole product, that’s about right for a gift in my opinion.

If I could change anything…

 It would be my willpower!

Don’t forget to follow choconchoc on social media:

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What would you choose from their website?

*I was sent the chocolate handbag ‘Arm Candy’ to review free of charge but all opinions are my own.

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Review ~ personalised photo gifts from Bags of Love

Review Mobile Phone Sports Arm Band From The Caro_e_ Range Hunkemoller Mobile Phone Holder

Review ~ personalised photo gifts from Bags of Love

There’s a picture on my hard drive which I took myself.  It’s not perfect and it’s not going to win any awards.  But that doesn’t matter.  What matters is that it holds memories.
It’s a picture that was taken of the sunset on holiday last year.  The colours came out beautifully and it makes me smile.  I told hubby that it’d look great on a canvas.
So I was really happy when Bags of Love got in touch and offered me one of their products to review.  They’re a personalised photo gift company and when I saw that they do canvases, I knew exactly what to choose, although I could have chosen from personalised clothing, kitchenware, homeware, luggage…
Anything you can think of that can be personalised and I reckon it’ll be on their website!
The design process is very simple.  You upload your picture, alter any dimensions, then you preview and you’re good to go.  I chose a 50 x 40.

And here it is…

Review Of Personalised Photo Gifts From Bags Of Love Canvas

The packaging

The canvas was securely packaged and easy to hang (the screws are included).

Worth the money?

I can only speak for the RRP of the canvas of my size which was £60 including p&p.  It’s very good value and excellent quality.

If I could change anything…

I don’t think I would.  The website was easy to navigate, the order process was straight-forward and you get a reminder email if you haven’t completed your order.  Nothing not to like here really!

Don’t forget to follow Bags of Love on social media:

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What would you choose from their website?

*I was sent the canvas to review free of charge but all opinions are my own.

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Brilliant blog posts on

Morse Toad personalised chocolate cards (with discount code)


Morse Toad is a great concept.

Firstly, who doesn’t like to receive nice post?

And who doesn’t like to receive chocolate?

Well, I love to receive both!  And I love to write poems too, so this is what I’d like to say about Morse Toad…


When you want to say ‘thanks’ or ‘congrats’ or ‘well done’,

Morse Toad chocolates are second to none!

They’ve a list of occasions you might want to use,

There’s bound to be one that you’d like to choose!

With an option to add a heart-warming snap,

You can personalise your delicious, chocolatey pack.

And ordering’s easy with one or two clicks,

With delivery choices, just take you pick!

Morse Toad have thought of it all, and more…

The chocs go through your letterbox, straight through your door,

It’s great value for money; you can see from their shop,

Stay in your PJ’s, don’t shop til you drop!

And what about the chocolate?  Well that’s yummy too,

If you’re lucky, the receiver might leave some for you…

The best Belgian chocolate, so smooth and so scrummy,

There’s an edible greeting card for everyone’s tummy!

Morse Toad is available all year round,

But read on for a discount to get more for your pound!


Yes, Morse Toad are very kindly giving you a 10% discount by using the code “HappyToadmas”

(expires 25th December 2016 which is of course Christmas Day!).

You can hop over (like a Morse ‘Toad’!) to Morse Toad’s message service to see their range, which would make great secret Santa presents, and there’s something there for your family too, befitting all occasions (as the poem above suggests!)
chocolate Christmas cards and stocking fillers: something for Mum, Dad or your friends.



 I created an unboxing vlog because Morse Toad very kindly gave me a discount for the purpose of this review and I chose the ‘Awesome Box’ for our daughter.

The reason being that we love to be positive and use empowering words in our house (and I secretly blatantly knew she would share her chocolatey stash with me us!).   I chose to add a picture of her with her cousins and this was great value at an extra £1.  That in itself is awesome, to add an even more personal touch and sending a strong message that they are all awesome.  When you order, the website says that you can take the picture out and pop it in a frame.  I thought that would be a lovely and unique touch and was intrigued to see how this would work.


When we received the parcel, this was my favourite feature.  You could easily slip the picture out of the box and pop it in a frame!  What an awesome idea…

The packaging appears to be sturdy enough to drop through a high letterbox without breaking up.  And there’s even a note on the box to keep the package out of the sun!  Once opened, there is  plastic cover that slots easily over the chocolate pieces.

Mine (or our daughter’s!) package arrived within 2 days of placing the order (which was done in the evening) and here’s her favourite part of it:

The picture of her with her cousins, the letters and hearts and the really yummy chocolate!   (all of it then really!)

When she saw the box with the picture inside, she was really excited and said she wanted to put the picture in a frame next to her bed.  How lovely!  She read the words and I took a moment to reaffirm to her that is awesome, so are her cousins and so are we!  Keen to have some chocolate, she took the sturdy plastic cover away (which was easy to do) and pointed out 2 pieces to have.

We both decided it was really smooth, yummy and most importantly, chocolatey!  Highly recommended! (and Daddy agreed when it was his turn to sample his pieces.

My favourite part:

Watching our daughter’s face when she opened the box to see the picture, letting her read the message and telling her that she IS awesome!

And also showing her that she could take the picture out.

Some other good points to note:

The chocolate does not contain alcohol and is kosha accredited. It does not contain eggs, and is gluten free.  This is good, quality chocolate and I’ll bet that not many messages stay in tact for long.  If they do, someone has very good willpower!

What I would change:

If I could change one thing about the packaging, it would be to put the chocolate pieces in a ‘rigid’ tray within the box.  By that I mean something to keep the pieces in their rightful places.  Not only would this stop the remaining pieces from rattling around, it would keep the message making sense (in the early stages when not too many pieces are gone!)

But really, this is a great value-for-money product.  I can see this will become very popular once word gets around.

Don’t forget to use your discount code HappyToadmas and follow Morse Toad on social media:

Visit their website and follow them on instagram, facebook, and twitter.

*This is a review post but all opinions are my own.


Are you looking for the perfect gift?… (and a giveaway with a difference!)

 So, you’re looking for the perfect gift?  That special something for that special someone with a little bit of ‘something’ different?  A little bit special?  A little bit unique?
Rest up your feet and look no more.  Because I have the perfect present for that special child in your life…
and yes, as the picture below says, I have a giveaway with a difference!
 You can read my review here, and you can see my unboxing of my Message in a Bottle parcel below…
In the unboxing I was so excited to find the postcards that you see in the picture above.  I love that they’ve got the airmail mark around the edge because that’s the main theme of the book – the lovable bird called Kiki HAS to get the personalised message to the special someone, even if that means travelling far and wide to do so!
 I was even more excited when I turned the postcards over and on the back I saw a discount card for 15% off the book!
And then I thought I would give my lovely readers a treat.  “How wonderful would it be for them to be able to enter a giveaway to win one of these postcards through the post?” I thought.   (Imagine a postie dressed up as Kiki the bird for authenticity!) WITH a discount code to use.  At the time of this post being published, the code can be used in time for Christmas, but really it’s ideal for anytime of the year, for any occasion!
So yes, the review post has 15% off for the first 10 ‘grabbers’ and this post is a giveaway for a different discount code which involves you giving me your postal address (to be given when the winners are drawn) and then 4 of you receiving a postcard with the discount code on the back!  Wonderful!  As with all my giveaways, I’d like to point out that your mailing address (and of course your email address) will not be passed on to any 3rd party.  That info is in the T&Cs (see giveaway below) but because this is a giveaway with a difference, I felt the need to state it here too 🙂
 The giveaway is open to UK entrants and ends at 12am on 21sh November 2016. Good luck to you!

Just for fun, which postcard would you like to receive – the owl or Kiki the bird? I say ‘just for fun’ because there’s no guarantee you will get your chosen one – but I’ll see what I can do! I’d love to know!  Please comment below or tweet me @AllSortsHere


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This post contains affiliate links which means that if you buy something from clicking on a link from my blog, I get to receive some happiness too… at no extra cost to you 🙂 Thanks..

Meet Kiki from Message in a Bottle ~ personalised book for children

Meet Kiki ~ a friendly, lovable bird from ‘Message in a Bottle’. 

Message in a Bottle personalised book for children adventure journey special child bonding reading learning gift present kiki sunset

She’s relaxing in front of the sunset, thinking about her travels around the world and looking for her next adventure…

Message in a Bottle personalised book for children adventure journey special child bonding reading learning gift present world

But why is she going around the world? 

Because she’s got a very important journey ~ to deliver a message in a bottle to a very special person.  What a very helpful bird she is!

And you can help Kiki by getting involved and getting behind the launch team for Message in a Bottle ~ a personalised book for children.

Over recent weeks I’ve had the privilege of watching Kiki develop from a hand-drawn sketch to the wonderful colourful character that she is now 🙂

ttle personalised book for children adventure journey special child bonding reading learning gift present kiki splash

How can you not love Kiki?

During the launch process, I popped some colouring-in sheets under our little girl’s nose (you can get yours by pledging your support on Kickstarter.

Her eyes lit up and she began to inject some colour into the sheets.  As she coloured, we had a chat about what the sheets were for.

I told her about Kiki’s task and how the little bird was going to get a special message to a very special person.  I love the work in progress here, don’t you?

Message in a Bottle personalised book for children adventure journey special child bonding reading learning gift present work in progress


I’ve been excited to be able to show our little girl illustrations by Tuire Siiriainen as the book has been tweaked.  Myself and other members have given great feedback which has enabled the team to bring Message in a Bottle to what you see here on Kickstarter.

I love that Kiki (lovely little Kiki!) is ready for an adventure;

an adventure with an important goal…

Now we’ve got an important goal… to help Kiki get that message delivered.

Help her now!  You can even get a soft toy of Kiki… can you even imagine?…

Message in a Bottle has been produced with love by the very talented team and it’s now live on Kickstarter.  There are lots of different ways to pledge your support for Kiki and the Message in a Bottle book.

Message in a Bottle personalised book for children adventure journey special child bonding reading learning gift present kiki reading

And follow Kiki’s journey with Message in a Bottle across the World Wide Web!


And you can spread the word by pinning from my Message in a Bottle board on Pinterest

As they say, ‘don’t delay, get involved today!’

*This is a collaborative post but all opinions are my own.

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