What to make the family for dinner? Try this idea with #HealthyRedMeat

easy family dinner idea

What to make the family for dinner? Try this idea…

Each and every week, I try to vary the meals that we have as a family.  I even do meal plans which are usually governed by… what days our 7 year old has school dinners (and what she has), what friends are coming round for tea, what do they like, what have we got in the freezer?  Oh yes, the freezer saves the day many a time!

And of course, I try very hard to balance out freshly cooked with frozen.  But what I really love is when you find a meal that the family loves, will even ask for (yes, really!) is quick and easy and tastes just as good prepared ahead or cooked fresh …  our family favourite is…

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Why we let our young daughter use makeup ~ #IfShesHappyImHappy

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Why we let our young daughter use makeup

As our daughter grows up (and up and up!), I’m most definitely realising that her baby days are long gone, and her toddler days too.  But I often find it really hard to let go and her her find her way, let her independence grow and let her discover the world around her in her way.

But it’s vital for their development isn’t it?

One area that we give her absolute free-rein is make-up.  She loves to experiment and I adore to see her ‘apply it’, seeing the end result of invariably blue or pink eyeshadow smudged all around her eyelids.  It’s an adorable part of a little girl being no-so-little and growing her make-believe fairy wings out.  Though it makes me sad and even pine for my beautiful newborn, I can equally see my beautiful, wonderful daughter blossoming and growing, expressing herself and becoming her.  To me, that’s just as important as remembering her baby and toddler days.

Why We Let Our Young Daughter Use Makeup With Printable

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