3 Ways to Breath New Life into your Writing

Writing ~ How I Breathed New Life Into My Writing By Chatting To A Like-minded Friend, Brainstorming And Setting Goals And Plans

3 Ways to Breathe New Life into your Writing

Of late, not a great deal of ‘hardcore’ writing has taken place at Virtually All Sorts.  I’ve chilled out for a couple of weeks and in that time, an amazing thing happened…

Writing ~ How I Breathed New Life Into My Writing By Chatting To A Like-minded Friend, Brainstorming And Setting Goals And Plans

Well a few amazing things happened really but these are what kicked it all off:

I hooked up with a friend one night.  

She had asked for a chat about the best way to approach getting her book(s) published, knowing that I’ve published a few ebooks myself.  She’s in a similar position to mine with Fizzle & Wizzle (my children’s book series) and boy, did I need that chat.  Perhaps a bit naively I thought it would be plain-sailing with F&W.  I really believe in my children’s series and that’s why I was convinced it would be funded and in print by now… but never, ever give up!

Renewed vigour

Anyhow, our chat gave me a renewed vigour to give it all a kick back into touch.  Not only that, but while kicking F&W back into touch, I came up with yet another idea for a book and started brainstorming that too!  A completely different genre.  It’s so true that when you step away for however long, you then come up with lots of ideas and your ideas just keep flowing!… 🙂

Making plans

So, after this lovely chat, we got our heads together for our respective projects, made firm plans and then my friend popped her shades on, declaring that the future was so bright and I toddled off, my writing box precariously balance between my elbow and my hip while I coaxed it into my car boot.  It could have ended in tears, but thankfully it didn’t…

So although not much hardcore writing did take place over the summer, quite a bit of brainstorming and revisiting did!

So have you worked out the 3 things you can do today to breathe new life into your writing?

Get together with a like-minded friend, brainstorm, make a plan.

Has this happened to you – have you taken a step back from something and found a new approach when you least expected it – writing or otherwise?
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What I’m writing ~ #WonderfulWorldofWriting

what im writing righting #nextbigthing nextbigthing nbt chakras wellbeing children's stories series investment project #WonderfulWorldofWriting

I’ve fallen off the rails a bit, it’s fair to say.

I’ve been a bit lack lustre in my actual writing of late.

That’s not to say that I haven’t not been writing.  That’s to say that I have been writing but more blog posts than working on my projects.  Take for example, the #AtoZChallenge which took up a fair amount of writing time, albeit by way of short, sharp blogposts.

So, a quick recap on what my current writing projects are and where I’m at with them:

My children’s book.  In fact, series.  I’ve kept my readers and the #WhatImWriting linkers hanging for far too long with this one.  The truth is that I wasn’t in a position to share anything due to a very exciting opportunity which involved investment in my project.  One rather big hiccup later and I find myself back in the driving seat, with more material than I had before (which is very positive) and in the midst of planning a marketing campaign for a different kind of investment.  For now, I will call this project ‘F&W’.  By the end of June I’ll be able to share even more with you because that’s my personal deadline to get things moving.  And of course I’ll be sharing what that deadline means first with #WhatImWriting 🙂

Along with the bits and pieces from other avenues, and more exciting projects on the horizon, that, ladies and gents, is what I’m writing now that I’m righting the writing!


Join in with #WonderfulWorldofWriting and link up with any genre of writing… I’ll share every post on twitter and other social media.  Tweet your post direct to me @AllSortsHere and I’ll retweet (it’d be great if you could use #WonderfulWorldofWriting too!)

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