7 reasons to love Autumn

Autumn.  I love everything about it.

(Or Fall to our American friends!)

From early Autumn when I can still wear my flip flops (because I hate sweaty feet!) to the throws (no pun intended) of Autumn when I like socks and boots or cosy slippers.

From early Autumn when I can still sit in the garden with hubby with said flip flops on, writing my goals, sipping on a herbal tea, dog at my feet, 8yo pottering in an out.  To the throws of Autumn when I’ve got the layers on and we’re planning various home projects from bathroom refits to a kitchen refurbishment.

From early Autumn when the temperature in the air changes after a balmy summer, when you can feel the air changing and you feel the slightly damp and cold after stepping outside for the first time in a morning.  To the throws of Autumn when there’s a definite crispness to the air, a cool feel as you pull your jacket collar up closer around your neck to keep the chill out.

7 Reasons to Love Autumn

From early Autumn when I slip a thin jacket on over my top to go outside, to keep the slight chill out.  To the throws of Autumn when the jacket gets thicker and I keep my gloves in my pockets, just in case, because I can’t stand cold hands.

From early Autumn when I begin to sort through my summer clothes and dig out the thicker clothes in a bid to declutter.  To the throws of Autumn when the thick coats have firmly taken their place on the coat pegs that were barely used in the Summer.

From early Autumn when I determinedly still hang my washing out on a semi-dry day just to get some air to it.  To the throws of Autumn when a load of washing goes straight in the tumble drier because we’ve really no room for a clothes horse and anyway, drying clothes inside is bad for your health and the house.

From early Autumn when I love to see the sparkle of fairy lights in our hygged-up living room and I can see them slightly earlier as the nights begin to draw in.  To the throws of Autumn when the clocks go back, the blinds get pulled, the sparkly fairy lights go on and a little bit of indulgence in the form of hibernation begins.  🙂

What do you love about Autumn?  Tell me in the comments below or tweet me @AllSortsHere .  I’d love to know!

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Here’s a past-time for all seasons

Have you ever thought that you need to have a perfect blue sky dotted with clouds in order to cloud watch?


Well think again…

It’s a past-time for all seasons!


Take this picture that I shared on instagram.  Though there’s not much blue sky, isn’t it beautifully atmospheric and zen-like? (if I say so myself!!)

past time for all seasons cloud watching meditation clouds relaxing wellbeing relaxation


Granted, I’m not suggesting that you lay on your back on some sodden, cold grass and cloud watch, but just stop a moment.


Be in the moment.


Take in the clouds as they swirl by… Follow that swirl as it changes form…


Although you haven’t got your eyes closed, it’s a great way to slow down and it actually might just be a form of meditation.


So, my message to you is ‘do yourself a favour’ and gaze up at the sky; lose yourself in those swirly wirly clouds; relax and be grateful 🙂


Why not make it a habit?

past time for all seasons pin 2 c cloud watching meditation clouds relaxing wellbeing relaxation


And when you do it, let me know how you got on!



Do you like cloud watching?  What else do you like to do that relaxes you and is a great past-time to adopt?   I’d love to hear from you!  Please comment (below) or tweet me @AllSortsHere.  And come and say hi on social media ~ 


Thank you 🙂

Relish Autumn ~ #poem


There’s something so cosy when autumn comes knocking on the door; sitting and chilling with it raining outside.

After a perfect summer, I feel ready for autumn now and I’m celebrating it with a poem…



Relish Autumn

The hats, scarves and glove sets are in the shops,

Summer sales are on show too.

I love the change of seasons,

From green leaves to a golden hue.


The leaves that curl and crisp,

As they dangle in mid-air,

It’s journey’s end for them,

As they float to no-where.


But does their journey end

As they meander to the ground?

There’s life after death

Where inspiration can be found.


Artwork can be created

in many, many ways;

Like atmospheric instagrams

Of ‘kicking through leaves’ days!


And you won’t find a family home

With small children living there

Without a fridge door full up

With art to make an ‘Autumn Fayre’.


Take a piece of ‘living art’

Created by our daughter;

A snapshot of our memories

And our mini park adventure!


So as you wave goodbye to summer

And the lazy, hazy days,

Relish autumn’s millionth leaf,

Natural beauty in many ways.



By Carol Cameleon


What do you love about autumn?  I’d love to hear!  Please comment below or tweet me @AllSortsHere


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