Tips for a Better Sleep

Tips For a Better Sleep

If you want to perform and feel your best, it’s important to not only get enough sleep but to get ample quality sleep. Find out what you should and shouldn’t do to sleep well and wake up refreshed by reading the article below:


Not getting enough sleep has been associated with a wide variety of health issues such as impaired cardiovascular health, testosterone production, insulin signalling, fat loss and increased inflammation.

Tips for a Better Sleep

If you’re not getting enough shut-eye, try the following:


A lack of magnesium can lead to impaired sleep, as this dietary mineral plays a very important role in the brain. A magnesium deficiency is especially notable in active people, as it’s lost through sweat. There are plenty of magnesium-rich foods which can fit a wide variety of diets. Of course, another option is to supplement magnesium.


If you’re not sure which dietary supplements to trust and which ones to stay clear of, Analyze That will help you narrow down options because it gives comprehensive, unbiased, honest product reviews.


Physical activity seems to improve the quality of sleep especially when you’re experiencing stress.  Different types of exercise, like resistance training, aerobic exercise, tai-chi and yoga can potentially improve the quality of sleep as well as overall health and mood.

Sleeping Schedule

A 24-hour schedule is followed by most physiological processes based on clues such as light and temperature. This is also known as your circadian rhythm. If you go to bed at more or less the same time every night, your sleep quality can definitely be improved. A bedtime routine can also be very beneficial as your body will get signaled that it needs to lie down soon. This routine can include anything from reading, meditation, brushing your teeth or showering. It should not include any activities which stimulate your senses. Also, keep in mind that the blue light produced by your computer, cell phone and TV disrupts the production of melatonin (the sleep hormone).


Melatonin is produced when blue light is absent. If you are avoiding blue lights before bed and have tried all of the above, you could try supplementing melatonin. It can improve quality sleep, help fight jet lag and help stop insomnia.


The scent of lavender can improve the quality of sleep, stop insomnia and promote relaxation.


The following things should be avoided if you’re trying to get more sleep:


Even if a specific sound doesn’t wake you up, it can still reduce the quality of your sleep and increase stress. Think about getting earplugs if you’re live a noisy area and can’t make your bedroom silent (unless off course you’re a parent!). Some people find soothing music or white noise helps, especially if it masks other irritating sounds. Read more about what gadgets might help you to sleep.


Insomnia has been associated with an elevated core body temperature. If it’s warm enough in your bedroom to raise your core body temperature it may impact the quality of your sleep. The opposite is also true – if your bedroom is cool enough to lower your body temperature you’ll enter deep stages of sleep much sooner and also fall asleep faster.


As alcohol helps us to unwind and relax, we often think it’ll improve our sleep. But this isn’t true. It IS true that alcohol might help you to fall asleep, but it’ll definitely also impair the quality of sleep. Drinking a lot of alcohol has even been directly linked to insomnia.


Even though many of us can’t function properly without our daily cup of coffee, it definitely has its downsides. Caffeine enhances mood, increases dopamine levels and increases alertness. People who drink a lot of coffee every day might not feel stimulated by the effects of caffeine any more and they might also imagine that it won’t affect their sleep. Even though this might be the case and they may sleep for several hours, their sleep will be more shallow than non-caffeine users. If your quality of sleep is really important, it should be avoided at least five hours before bedtime.


How about you?  Do you have problems sleeping?  Have you got any tips to add?  I’d love to hear!  Comment or tweet me @AllSortsHere  Thank you

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5 tips to nail the school run

5 Tips to Nail the School Run

Ah the school run…

So we’re back into ‘school’ mode now (or at least we are in the UK).  And how are you coping? 

Love it or hate it, it’s a necessity with young children.  And whether it’s going well or not, there will inevitably be a time when it all comes apart at the seams.  So here are my top 5 tips for a smoother school run!  I say ‘smoother’ because no school run is perfect… unless you know the secret, the holy grail.  In which case, do share!  For now, here are those tips:

5 Tips to Nail the School Run

The List

Write out a list and order each step the night before each school day.  Or keep the same one if your routine never changes.  In that list have things like: take bread out of freezer for sandwiches (It’s very hard to fold/cut frozen bread neatly – I’ve tried!); Trust me, if you’ve got your bread out of the freezer for packed lunches, your pre-breakfast routine will go so much better!

Freshen up

Try to have a shower before everyone gets up (or at least the kids).  It’ll make you feel ahead of the game and therefore make you feel more organised!  And if you feel it, you’re half way there…

Make a note

Note down extras to be taken the next day (violin, P.E kit, reading book, reading record, and the list goes on!) and put the list somewhere obvious like the front of the fridge.  Definitely nowhere that curious toddlers or cheeky dogs can get it!  For older children, ask them to write the list. Even better, ask them to refer to it the next day so they get used to the responsibility.  Although I totally get that it’s sometimes just easier and quicker to do it yourself…   Of course, you could be ultra organised and get everything ready the night before so that you don’t need a list.

Breakfast at night time

Get the breakfast things ready the night before.  Whether that means physically laying the table or simply putting the cereal boxes on the kitchen side with bowls and spoons.  It all helps!

The rogue sock

Lay uniform out the night before.  Okay so they know what they’re wearing but you leave in 10 minutes, there’s a sock missing and the one in the linen basket has been nestled up to a wet towel all night.  For the sake of everyone’s sanity (mainly your own), laying uniform out the night before is a sure fire way of checking that all uniform is present and correct!

If it all goes to chaos, just remember to breathe and remind yourself you’re not the only one and you’re only human…


Have you got any tips to add?  Or even funnies about the school run that wasn’t fun?!  (see what I did there?…) I’d love to know. Tell me by commenting below or tweet me @AllSortsHere


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