How to use hashtags to promote yourself

A few years ago I was a complete twitter novice.  I mean, I didn’t even see why people used twitter!  Let alone understand how to use hashtags to promote myself…

Going from twitter novice to pro pic3 social media hashtag tweet promotion community twitter parties handles trending

My tweets consisted of just text – no hashtags, no ‘direct tweets’… just plain old, boring, useless tweets…

And now?  Well, I’m hash-tagging with the best of them!

I use them to promote my blog posts.

I use them to promote linkys when I’ve linked up.

I use them when searching for linky posts to read and share.

I use them to promote my linkys.

I use them all the time.

The hashtag is powerful!

Never underestimate the power of the hashtag…

As well as promoting my posts using relevant and key-worded hashtags, I use various blog parties which ‘hinge’ on hashtags.  I schedule tweets to promote my top posts on a monthly basis.  Not only does this help to bring traffic to my blog and highlight my top posts, but it also helps with finding blog posts that I wouldn’t necessarily find ordinarily.  For me, this is one of the main ‘pulls’ of blogging.  Even for the blogs that I subscribe to, I often miss a post in the daily swamp that is my email inbox!


I would highly recommend using these hashtag parties:

#ArchiveDay with @SingleMAhoy

#SundayBlogShare with Suzie @SundayBlogShare

#MondayBlogs with @MondayBlogs


And these blog linkys that I love are also savvy in their use of hashtags.


When you’ve finished browsing those, I would definitely recommend using hashtags in your twitter bio.  Here’s mine.  As you will see it’s to the point, relevant and tells you a little bit about me.

While you’re there, why not follow me? 😉


Which hashtags do you find useful, particularly for blogging?  I’d love to know!  Please comment below or of course tweet me @AllSortsHere

Maybe throw in #hashtag or #NovicetoPro to help me find you? After all a tweet about a post referring to using hashtags wouldn’t be complete without a hashtag or 2 would it?!… 😉

(but best not to swamp your tweet with too many)



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