Sun, moon, stars ~ essential oils

Sun, Moon, Stars ~ Essential Oils Diffuser and spirituality Universe Astrology

Sun, moon, stars ~ essential oils

You may have read how I’ve started my sun, moon, stars journey.
Part of that journey is to use essential oils each month to compliment my monthly intention-setting, manifesting and moon work.  Last month I used Laurel essential oil by literally wafting an open bottle under my nose because I’m yet to get a diffuser!  On one occasion I did use my old oil burner and it’s an amazing scent.
Sun, Moon, Stars ~ Essential Oils Diffuser and spirituality Universe Astrology

 The search for the right diffuser

I used essential oil burners years ago and got out of the habit.  But then my sun, moon, stars journey began and I found the much more pet-friendly contemporary diffuser option.  I say pet-friendly because you don’t need a candle to heat the oil with the diffusers.  So nothing for the cat to knock over or the dog to swish her tail at!  This month I’m using Patchouli and my next step will be to use an essential oil diffuser, when I’ve got one!  Then to get one of those handy and cute essential oil bottle holders to keep them in!  A tidy house is a tidy mind after all.
I’m looking forward to trying one out and also to hopefully feel the benefit, alongside my work with chakras and angels.
Do you use essential oils?  Have you got a diffuser to recommend?  I’d love to know!  Please comment below or tweet me @AllSortsHere. Thanks.

Sun, moon, stars ~ working with the moon

Sun Moon Stars ~ Working with the Moon and Spirituality Universe Astrology

Sun, moon, stars ~ working with the moon

I’ve always been someone who follows my gut, someone who doesn’t necessarily conform to what society ‘expects’ of me but someone who knows my own mind.  Some of this has come with age and maturity (!), some has come with life experience and some of it has come from a ‘need’.
By that I mean that depression led me on my spiritual journey.

A journey to the sun, moon and stars

Reiki opened up a whole new world of understanding of how the energies around us work.  Usually in harmony with us, if we would only let it in….
So, depression led me to self-help and to self-discovery.  Ironically, I’ve got a lot to ‘thank’ depression and anxiety for!  It’s been over a decade since myself and my doctor recognised I had depression.  But the beginning of my spiritual journey didn’t start straight away.  In fact, over 10 years later, I find myself more and more drawn to astrology and the moon and their effects on us all.
Sun Moon Stars ~ Working with the Moon and Spirituality Universe Astrology

Simplifying my journey 

To that end, I’m going to try to simplify my journey (thought I’m certain it’ll go quite deep at times) and share my sun, moon, stars journey.  It’s an exciting adventure that I’m looking forward to.
The first thing to share is how I’ve been using the new and full moon information sheets by astrologer and moonologer, Yasmin Boland.
This is not a collaborative or affiliated post; I just believe in sharing the good work of amazing people.  To take a step back a little further, in July 2017 I attended a new moon manifesting session hosted by Yasmin.  It was a total game-changer.  I can happily say that the moon worked its magic (with my help) and the intentions I set (or ‘wishes’ as Yasmin prefers to call them) came to fruition.  It’s definitely worth adding here that though the moon is most certainly ‘magic’, you absolutely have to put actions behind your intentions too…

New and full moon info sheets

To go back to these info sheets then, we’re now at the start of the zodiac with the new moon being in Aries and I’m about to embark on my full 12 month new and full moon journey for the first time ever.  Of course, you can start at whatever sign of the zodiac you like and this post is just as relevant when the moon is in any sign of the zodiac!  The idea of working on a full 12 months is that I’ll be working on all 12 ‘houses’ in succession and therefore all of  Yasmin’s ‘cosmic extras’ such as essential oils, chakras and angels.
There’s so much more to all ‘this’ of course and over the next 12 months much of it will be mentioned and, to some degree, explained on my blog.  However, I don’t want to risk information overload for you or me!
As I say, it’ll be an exciting and interesting journey.

To find out much, much more…

visit which is Yasmin Boland’s site.  It’s through this site that you can also find your zodiac rising sign.
Are you as fascinated by the sun, moon and stars as me I wonder?  If you are, why not share your thoughts?  Please comment below or tweet me @AllSortsHere. Thanks.

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