Love is about this for me… what do YOU think love is?

As a teenager, I used to secretly hope for a Valentine’s Day card from my secret love.  It never happened though!
I did get a card one year from a boyfriend but that’s been about my fill!


As I’ve grown up, I’ve come to realise that love isn’t all about chocolate and flowers (though I wouldn’t say no to them any day of the week… I’ll even buy them myself.  I mean, why not?!)
Love is about this for me…
What do you think love is full wellbeing happiness valentines day virtually all sorts


In our house…
Love is all about having a lingering, tight hug every day.
Love is all about us telling our daughter what an amazing person she is and using empowering words.  Every. Single. Day.
Love is all about having group hugs.
Love is all about clearing the negative energy that comes into our home; the energy that clings on to us on a daily basis.
Love is all about us loving each other in our house and then leaving the house happy, full of our own and each other’s love and sharing that love.
Love is free – it’s not about chocolates, flowers or cards (though the chocolates and flowers would still be nice!)
Love is simple and free… it’s about nurturing the right energy and making space for it 🙂


What do you think love is?  All positive thoughts are welcome!  Share them in the comments below or tweet me @AllSortsHere 🙂


Why is this Valentine’s Day card so special?

It was a normal day on the school run.  We walked home in the winter sunshine; we chatted about the day; we talked about who our little girl had played with; we got home, had a snack and I went through her book bag for the usual ‘stuff’.  And that’s when I came across this… but why is this Valentine’s Day card so special?

Valentines day card alternative with love special memories homemade creative imagination 1

Yes, it’s been hand drawn with love from my little girl… that makes it pretty special of course.

Yes, it shows someone on the front (me, I’m told…) with a little crown and hearts for eyes, nose and mouth… that makes it pretty special.  Of course it does.

Yes it’s special for both of these reasons but it’s also special because there’s a drawing of a scorpion’s leg on the back!…

Valentines day card alternative with love special memories homemade creative imagination 2I was still smiling over the time our beautiful little girl had taken in making me, her mummy, a lovely card with so much love.  I read the lovely sentiment inside and then turned to the back to see… something.  So I asked our little girl, “that’s so lovely, thank you.  And what have you drawn on the back here?”

“Well mummy, that’s a scorpion’s leg because scorpions live in the desert and it’s hot in the desert!”

And that’s why this valentine’s card is so special…

She’s clearly been learning deserts and the like and that makes it all the more special to me 😉


What obscure things have appeared on your valentine’s day card (with love, of course!)?  I’d love to hear about it in the comments below 🙂 


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