“The Friendship Journey” ~ poem #WonderfulWorldofWriting

The Friendship Journeyย ~ a poem

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Moving house with a child is no easy thing to do,

A new bedroom, new school and new friends too,

A time of stress, anxiety, a logistical nightmare,

Emotions are tender, how will they fare?


You get it all sorted, a school place is yours,

A settling in session, opening of new doors;

Metaphorically, literally, it’s a critical time,

Reassured by people, “she’ll be just fine…”


It’s exciting, it’s scary for her and for us,

We try to hide our unease with a ‘positive’ fuss,

Goodbyes are said to old school friends, her mates,

A new chapter is coming, new friendships await…


Then new names come up in our daily chat,

“So and so said this, so and so said that,

Soon can they come after school and for tea?

They can play with my toys, they can colour with me.”


Of course the answer is, “yes, yes and yes!”

As long as she’s happy I can cope with the mess!

It’s lovely to see, a relief beyond doubt,

To see our girl happy, see new friendships carved out.


What’s more, it’s so nice she doesn’t care one bit

If her friend’s from Eastern Europe or if they’re a Brit!

All she wants is to play, to share jokes, to have fun,

As far as she sees it, they’re like her, we’re all ‘one’…


By Carol Cameleon 2016

The story behind the poem:ย As our little girl is cementing new friendships after a house move and subsequent new school, it’s intriguing and refreshing that background really doesn’t matter, as long as she ‘clicks’ with them…


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16 comments to ““The Friendship Journey” ~ poem #WonderfulWorldofWriting”
  1. Hi Carol, a parent can’t ask for more than a happy (and healthy) child. Children don’t see colour, religion or back ground, they just see people they want to play with, which is fantastic.

    I hope you are all settled into your new home and your little girl continues to make a diverse group of friends.


  2. A lovely poem and also a bit of reassurance to any parents on the move. It’s great to hear that things went well and a new gaggle of friends under her belt will make school days fun and full of positive memories. Thank you for linking up to the #DreamTeam

  3. This poem brought back memories of our big move 3 years ago next week and all the things that Grace had to endure. She absolutely loves it here now and I hope your daughter feels the same. Thank you for linking to Prose for Thought x

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